Anyone want a .222 Rem reloading setup?

Dropped into my LGS today, they were doing stocktake. Anyone want a Simplex press with .222 Dies, funnels and other bits and bobs, plus a new Lee Loader set in .222 for $70? I’m heading up to Central Vic in the next week or so so I could bring it up that way.


No One?
Bugger at that price I’ll pick it up myself. Might have to get a .222 then…


Hehehehe, so now you need another rifle. Ye? It’s rifle per press, right?

So @Wombat did you pick this bargain up?

not yet if its gone its gone.just been flat out.

Managed to get there this morning, It hadn’t gone so I grabbed it. So if anyone has .223 or .303 dies for a super simplex gathering dust…

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Its actually marked as being .222R. Might be for Rimmed rather than Rem.

Owww… so you’ll be after a nice cadet rifle Then?
They are damn sexy!

If it is for rimmed its only the case holder that should be different anyway. A cadet is on the cards now anyway now I have a press…maybe two, one in .310 and another in .222 rimmed.


That’s a bargain! They always seem to go for about 150 on Ebay. Last one I bought for $40, no dies tho…