Anyone used cci copper 22lr ammo?

Went out today and tried it out, not worth the money in my opinion

Got a few boxes of CCI Minimag. Wasn’t super impressed either mate.

What did you expect it to do that it didn’t?

Yeah for sure! I had 4 lots I tried today the copper, mini mag, win power point and win super x.
Outa my rifle the super x was the best I reckon at 60 meters, the copper grouped pretty good but for 45c each they not worth it.

They say they shoot flat to 100 meters
But what I was hoping for was some accuracy at that distance but they seem to lose accuracy after about 50 m ,

Sounds like an excuse to buy a .222 to me mate :+1:

I’ve got a 22 hornet for that bit of extra.
But one place I shoot it about 100 acres in a really populated area in Canberra also next to the airport, so the humble 22lr keeps attention off me (quiet as)
The place is infested with fox and bunnies plus the low cost of 22lr ammo is appealing to mate.

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Maybe an excuse to get a HMR tho :+1::wink:

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See now i like your thinking!

I’ve never had anything to do with a HMR have you?
What are they like?

I have shot one and it was pretty good, but I’m to stingy to buy ammo more expensive than .22lr, and have a trailboss .222 load I use instead.

@Redman, not heard of that ammo: is it a solid copper round?

Seems very expensive for 22lr. Depending on muzzle velocity, most 22lr goes transonic at around 60-70m or less and gets the wobbles up… might be part of the issue with precision at that range.

The projectiles are compressed copper dust 21 grain, they travel at 1850 fps
0 drop at 100 meters but my experience with them showed about a 14" group at 100

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They’re crap

I’m with you mate!

Just for giggles we put some of the CCI rounds through the chrono and they were about 200fps slower than what the box said they were.


Depends on the test barrels too, @1Fatman. Like me trying to chase a velocity, only to go back to the manual and notice the test barrel length used.

If Ian of Forgotten Weapons fame is gun Jesus, Paul Harrell is his father, lol. He talks about this fact in a lot of his videos.