Anyone own a CZ457

G’day Gents

Anyone on here own a CZ457 IN .22LR?
Reason for asking is that I just want to know is the barrel on yours free floating? Mine is not, and I am not getting the accuracy I expected from it. I Think it will need a bedding job.

I have a 457 precision trainer in the manners stock. It had a small pad of contact just forward if the action that i removed. Couldn’t say it was a massive improvement as it already shot really well. The bedding in the fibreglass stock is really good so not sure on the timer stocks.

you can see the pressure pad just forward of the action.

I have a CZ 457 Tactical, the barrel is floated but it comes in a MDT chassis.

Thank you for the input gents. Mine is the the American model so in a timber stock with no bedding. It seems the inlet for the front of the action is cut to deep and when the front action screw is torqued up it pulls the barrel down making contact with the stock for its entire length.

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Took it out again today and it shot circa 3” groups at 50m. Most unsatisfactory me thinks. Maybe it’s worth getting a bit of sandpaper on a length of dowel and relieving the barrel channel a little?

I thought it was normal to have some contact on the first 25-30mm of barrel or tenon?

You tried various bullets? Its not uncommon for what works in one model to be absolute shite in another model. All my guns only shoot the most expensive ammo well because in a past life I was bad.


Yeah, it is normal. Most 22’s have contact because on average it provides a more consistency across large numbers of rifles from the factory.

Removing it can go two ways, make it more accurate or make it less accurate, I have seen both happen.

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That’s a 455 by the way !

Sorry fat finger typing

Mate I have tried almost everything there is to try.

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If you have tried that then it’s worth a crack. Once you try there is no going back but.

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Mate in your opinion would I be better off trying a bedding job rather than relieving the barrel channel?

If you do go down that road i would suggest a solid bedding job first as once you float it that will become even more critical.

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Yep. Bed it.
If unsure, use hot glue for a test run. Have to work quick but completely reversible.

Shows improvement, do a proper bedding job.


Thanks again gents. Sincerely appreciate your input. :beer::beer::beer:

Thats a smart idea.