Anyone own a 17 HM2, what are they like compared to a 22lr

Who’s got one? Is the ammo hard to get???

There’s a bit of discussion about it in this thread I think mate :+1:

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What about the 17 HM2 (mach2) ?
Had anything to do with them mate?

A necked down .22lr.
A consideration would be ammo availability.
I don’t see it often. Similar price to hmr, which has much better performance.
Is it for a particular need or novelty value?
Most places don’t even seem to stock it.

Sorry mate I didn’t know they were different, guess that shows what I know about it. Lol.

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To be honest, it seems like one of those rounds that is a answering a question no one asked.
I hope the rifle is cheap.

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Had a look around for ammo you can get it, but yeah you’re right it’s not cheap, think I’ll just stick to the 22lr
Was just looking to try something different .
Thanks for the advice :+1::beers:

Very wise choice methinks. Very.

Order custom dies and resize 22lr, then seat .17 pills, easy as, lol.


As much as I appreciate people wanting something different, before you even look at ballistic advantages , work out the economics of owning and running said rifle and cartridge.
Seen many times , people buy flash rifles in weird or big calibres then are quite shocked how expensive and/or difficult to source ammo is.
Popular calibres are popular for a reason.
I’ll take cheap , practical shooting every time.
But I do own weird stuff.
.17HM2 is more or less dead, I haven’t seen a new rifle offered in that calibre for a long time. Going forward, I wouldn’t touch a rimfire that isn’t .22lr, .22WMR or 17 HMR.
Anything else you are making life hard for questionable gains.
Yes I Fudd ranted a bit.


I’d still like a Myra extruder if I came across one.

I bought a Marlin 917 Hm2 brand new off the shelf for $400 about a year ( it had been in the shelf for 11 years) and love it. Great for shooting pest birds and even ducks (legal here) wich leaves minimal meat damage. Its also perfect for shooting in semi rural areas as its no louder than a 22lr (that isnt shooting subsonics) and is flat out to a 120 meters with alot less chance of ricochet.

Also I have enough ammo to last me close to a life time

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I visit 3 gun shops regularly and all 3 stock it.

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So obviously you’d recommend it then!! I was gonna re-barrel my ruger precision in this cal!

Yeah I dont have any regrets, but I bought when there was a large supply of ammunition all that could change very quikly with the predicted ammo shortage. So if you do re barrel I’d be stocking up on ammo quikly.

11 years , holy cow. I have no doubt the round works for it’s purpose. Whenever I see Hm2 it’s always a tiny section. I’m all for buying anything, just hope the economics and convenience are there as well. I think savage did a run of hm2 as well, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a recent rifle with the option.

Probably for a reason :slight_smile:

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When there’s no ammo there’s no point in buying it. If you have a supplie it’s a great caliber.

Pretty sure there are 1970’s Remington 5mm rifles sitting on a shelf somewhere NIB.


A mates old man has got one he reckons absolutely impossible to get ammo for , he hasn’t seen any for many many years :joy: