Anyone in Melbourne, CBD?

Just wondering if anyone here, I know there are a few lerkers, are around Melbourne CBD?


Don’t tell me you have broken down.

Nah, just wondering who’s around…

Ahhh a Melbourne get together?

Was thinking that.

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Will be tomorrow around midday.

You coming to Melbourne tomorrow, @Gwion?

@juststarting. Yup.

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Details, coffee? I’ll make sure to pick fair trade organic :slight_smile:

I’ll have time around midday. :+1:

Well, do you want to say where you are going to be, etc. Lol pm…

I’ll let you know later. Busy brewing right now.
Bussing into Spencer about 11ish.

That’s awesome, I know exactly where that is… I am really close to it. PM when you’re done brewing…