Anyone get anything from the latest AAA auction (Sept 2023)?

Despite actually having a useful amount of money available, most of the stuff I was bidding on ended up going for stupid prices, or I could tell the other person I was bidding against had deep pockets and long arms, and that was a game of financial chicken I’m not in a position to play.

A few bargains in there though, especially among the “modern” guns though.

As always there were also some head-scratchers; a Lebel M1886 went for $6,500(!) and an S&W Victory model revolver going for $1600 being among them…

Wow that Lebel price is crazy, I dont see alot of them around but it still seems like a lot. It was probably the only thing I was realistically interested in but not for that much.

That was my thought too - Lebel rifles aren’t common here but they’re not $6500 rare either.

There was also a Lebel M1892 Revolver in there too which I was interested in if the price was right, but not for the $1900 it went for.

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i got a cz 17 hmr for $700 plus and was happy about it and a 310 cadet as well for $250 the prices are way high for what is there but ppl just go on a frenzy when an item comes up huh

You’re not wrong about the price frenzy, I’ve given up on the auctions these days.

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Price frenzy? Lots of Sakos were passed in at ridiculously cheap prices. There were plenty of bargains to be had, grabbed one myself.