Anyone delt with RPGFirearms?

Saw this ad:

“in original condition” AKA zoom in and see rust spots and scratches, etc. A creative way of describing damage… The website is borderline schizophrenic too.

Which makes me wonder about their overall, shall we say, ethics of dealing with customers, because they have some gems from time to time, but none of this fills me with confidence.

I’m guessing that is the good side too.No other photo’s available “Sorry”.

I think it’s an older bloke that runs it.
Mostly do deceast estates, on consignment, I’m guessing he may not have the above gun in his possession.

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I have spoken to him on the phone and he seemed OK. Doesn’t like to be screwed around but then who does.

It is a one man show and he doesn’t keep any stock, it is all held else where. Like @GUN-DMC said he does a lot of deceased estates and consignments.

I was going to buy my pistol from him as his prices were pretty good but by the time I paid for freight etc it worked out pretty close to what I paid for it here.

His website is pretty much a shambles to navigate but once you get your head around how it works it is still a shambles but not as bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::woozy_face:

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Fair enough.

There are definitely some very nice pieces there. Just got a ‘vibe’, that’s all.

I have bought several firearms off Bob over the years, he is good to deal with but like Forbes a bit short on patience with nuff nuffs. Be fair, know what you are doing, and it is all good. His website is a bit of fun, he has similar sense of humour to mine so I get a laugh out of the “Thoughts of Chairman Bob” section. As for that Model 28, there is no “damage”. It is a very good example of an at least 32 year old service firearm, most likely to be an ex-security item, and carried more than shot and the price is very reasonable, Cheers.


Price is definitely reasonable, hence I was looking.

I’ve never had a problem dealing with him. Got some “no gunsmith” mounts for various Lee Enfields.
My dealings have only been on the 'net but I gather that he is a bit like Forbes. Get over it; some people are like that.
The web site - some people like to have a bit of fun - others are too serious.
Thank goodness that we are ALL different!

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No problems here…I found him.great to deal with.

He was $200 - $300 cheaper per gun on a couple of Tikkas bought through him. I’ve been told he can be blunt to the point of being rude by a couple of people but i found him good.

I’ve dealt with him several times with no problems - as long as you know what you want and aren’t dicking around, everything I’ve bought from him has been as described, matched the pics, and the fact he includes postage is a big plus.

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