Anybody know of problems rebarreling sako 22-250

One of my mod 85 sako 22-250 has 3200 documented rounds and several undoc rounds some people say it’s hard to break the seal on the barrel and breach and could lead to damage when doing so it still shoots 1/2’’ @ 100yds at the moment but i’m worried it’ll just drop its bundle all at once
Any info would be welcome thanks

Hi @anon19591382,

A couple of mates have rebarreled their Sako’s, one with an original Sako barrel and one with an aftermarket barrel.
To the best of my knowledge neither had any problems but I will catch up with them and double check.

G’day grandadbushy,
Don’t sweat it. Your rifle will not become a scattergun overnight, but will fall off at a fairly slow rate once it starts to go. I have a 22-250 Tikka M55 that only started to deteriorate after appx 4000 rounds and now perhaps 2000 later is making 4" at 100yds. The widening group was quite steady in it’s development. You got plenty of time left to enjoy your rifle, Cheers.

Thanks 1 Fatman just i’ve been thinking of doing it myself rather than use a GS i’ll buy a set of go-no go guages and have them on hand when i do it i’ve got the rest left over from the engineering shop kept a lot of tools so far the rifle is shooting ok but it’s only a matter of time so i’ll start getting things ready find out whether barrels come already threaded where to buy one and all the stuff that goes with changing a barrel cheers mate thanks :+1:

Thanks for that no1mk3 4000 so if i get the same i’ve got a little time yet here’s hoping
But i’ll still get ready for a change over it may even get more as it’s never been over 31.6 gr of powder which is minimum in the ADI book so no hot shots have been through her
The original twist rate on it now is 1-14 i’ve been thinking of getting a 1-12 to go to 60gr projectiles but will decide that later cheers mate and thanks

The barrel will tell you when it is buggered, but it won’t just happen suddenly. A slow degradation in accuracy will creep in, how much you are prepared to tolerate will be the deciding factor in when to replace it.
I have a Sako 75 in 7mm-08 that I use for hunter class silhouette, beautiful rifle and accurate.
I actually used to shoot better scores with it than my open class rifle so I started using it for both. Result being that it now has a long section of erosion in the barrel. About 2-3 inches where the rifling is all but gone. Its accuracy has fallen off by about 3/4 inch at 100m. It has had about 5000 rounds through it but I still use it for hunter class as it still shoots “minute of ram” @ 500m.It coud really do with rebarrelling but at the moment I’m still prepared to put up with the lower level of accuracy.

That’s good to know mate thanks i was looking at doing it myself when i eventually do it but after careful thought and talking to people i’ve decided to let a GS do it it does sound mine does have a little way to go before its gone someone has said i could only set it back a little providing the bore is ok it looks perfect as i’ve looked after it only one projectile 99 percent of all the rounds gone through it and minimum loads

Yeah, they usually go in the throat and first couple of inches of rifling. If the barrell has enough meat you may get away with a cut and rechamber. You wind up with a barrel that’s a couple of inches shorter, but it can extend it’s life by a couple of thousand rounds. I’m thinking about getting my 7-08 done. I’ve got one barrel that I had done twice, but I do get them made with a longer than usual “reinforce”, ( fat bit around the chamber ), which allows me to do that. The Sako 75 is standard factory so I don’t know if I’ll have enough meat on it to get me back up to the rifling.

Yeah mines stock standard to might have the same problem

@anon19591382, I spoke with both of my mates and neither had any drama except for them being a tight fit but you already know that.

thanks anyway mate cheers :+1:

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So up date from my previous posts my new s/s 22-250 barrel and action arrived yesterday and am very chuffed this new one is a little different to the old one, the mag spring floor plate I think is aluminium the barrel finish is blast finish not shinny like the old one , took me 1hr to clean the bore filthy it was , probably from test firing it at the factory , that’s all I’ve noticed so far, put it into the stock that I polished a few days ago and put the scope on so now ready to go forth and develop a load for it cheers :+1:

Is it a Sako 85 model? If not what model is it? Surprised it was so filthy, it was a factory Sako Barrel or another brand fitted to a sako action.

My Sako85 has the brushed aluminum look both on the barrel and the floor plate.

Yeah sungazer it’s a new Sako 85 barrel and action it does look the part and maybe the spring plate may not be aluminium then my old barrel had a muzzle dia of 19mm this one is 22mm, same length as the old one , i’m still not sure if I like the old finish or the new although I did have dogs pick up the old shiny barrel and bolt (run) I had to use tape to stop that where as with this one it won’t be so bright in the landscape or at least better than the old one . I haven’t been back to it to give it a good look over . I’ve been told this is the latest mod 85 to come out and on a whole i’m pretty pleased with it even with the little changes but i’ll get used to them.