Any Tasmanian shops worth a visit?

I’m currently in Tasmania working in Hobart, looks like I may have a day or two spare at the end of the week. Already found a Baikal Toz 17 magazine in Glenorchy. Any other shops worth a look?

I dont know about that, but @Gwion s brewery sure would be!

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I only know of about 5 dedicated LGS in TAS. Mostly pretty generic but there was one I used to drop into for work that seemed to have a lot of random stuff and not just the basics. Don’t remember the name of it but it was in Glenorchy from memory.

If you’re up north for a look at any stage, the beer is cold at Wandering Trout. :+1:


I’d visit the one Martyn Bryant bought the AR15 seized by VicPol from*

*For legal reasons, that’s a joke

There’s one at Sorell out past the airport I’ve been to, a mate used to work at the one in Glenorchy, there’s another one down to the S.W of Hobart as well. If you’re up for a drive, a small one in Bothwell has had some interesting stuff in the past.
I’ve also got another mate who’s a dealer in Glenorchy I could put you in touch with. He did have quite an inventory last time I visited.

Highly recommend a drive up through the Derwent Valley. The locals will tell you you can’t do it but I’ve gone that way from Hobart and across to Queenstown, up to Burnie and then back to Deloraine in a day with fishing and touristy stops along the way. The Salmon Ponds was always a great place to visit.


This was originally posted last November when I was in Tassie, I’ll be back down in January, hopefully with a side trip to Queenstown.