Any clues what breeds this dog might have mixed into it

I know it’s always more guess than anything else, but anyone got any clues what breeds this pup might have blended into it?

By the ears and nose I would have a guess there is some Shepard in there.

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Maybe a Belgian Malinois.

Hmmm, back story is I found it wandering around in the bush. Because it had a collar I took it into the local Council, it does not have a PIT. They’ve held it for the obligatory period, no ones claimed it, so they’ve offered it up to me before they send it off to AWL shelter. I need to decide if I want it or not…I certainly don’t “need” as I’ve already got a great lab…hmmmm

Looks like you have a new dog!

He would probably make for a good lil mate for ya lab mate… I think he would be a very lucky dog to have owners like you and ya mrs mate… :+1: :beers:

Rescued a bitch under similar circumstances, she turned out to be super loyal and obedient… No real effort to make her like it, she was just eager to please…:sunglasses: I think she just realised how good she had it all of a sudden… :smiley:

I reckon all the best dogs find you

My best mate Jimmy found me, it took him 12yrs to do it but now he’s 20 and happily asleep on the couch.

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Right, so it’s all your fault I now have two dogs. This thing just might turn out to be a good dog, seems to be a very quick learner, good with food (I can stick my hands in it’s bowl and take food out of its mouth whilst it’s eating and take the bowl away etc no problems at all). Has taken to walking on the lead… But those ears!

Vet reckons he’s about 4 months old based on his teeth


Sounds like you both had a good win.
Bit of luck he will grow into his ears :laughing::innocent::sunglasses:

Is it shy with people?
Kind’a looks like its got a fair bit of dingo in it. Dingos can be quite shy with people and need to be taken on their own terms.

What do you reckon; about 6 months old or a bit less?

Well it will hear anything or anybody coming from a long way off. My old dog and to a lesser extent my current dog could tell my car from others about 600 m away new dog only about 300 when turning into the drive.
His paws dont look that big so it will be interesting to see how big he grows. 2 years before a lot of dogs really fill out.
His head really looks to have some German Shepard in him.

Yeah a few people havs suggested it might have some dingo in it. He is definitely cautious with people, but given it spent an unknown amount of time “lost”, and then two weeks in “custody” at the regional council pound, and I’ve had him home for less than a week, that’s not really surprising. He will need some support to find his confidence but seems to learn really quick, certaintly much quicker than my current lab and the two previous lab crosses.

Vet reckons he is about 4 months.

Vet suggested German shephard too. Funnily enough, on my way out, someone brought in a pure bred German shephard. Side by side they look very different.

Ears are to high on its head and skull is too narrow for dingo.
Also, does he have a set of K-9’s like these?

This is Boots, our 6 year old Alpine dingo, note the double coat. He looks like shit at this time of the year.
In full winter coat he’s like a Siberian husky or Malamute. He’s just a pet. ( I know that might upset our Queensland brethren who like to shoot them on sight :laughing:)

I would hazard a guess and say there is some German Shepherd and Boxer.

Having had him for a while now, my money is in shephard x kelpie x something. I had a kelpie 25 years ago, and this dog is showing many of the same traits. He’s turning out to be a really good dog, super high energy though.