Any AR2205 to offload?

Hi guys :dart:
Anyone in Melbourne (or VIC) got any AR2205 they want to sell? Even part containers would do.

Has anyone had any success loading 300 Blackout in any other ADI powder than 2205?
Have been using 2207 but the pressures are way to low to get any decent performance.
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Not sure anyone here is a blackout fan. Could be wrong but don’t recall anyone chatting about it. Try a forum search to see if there are any blackout threads. :nerd_face::+1:

I have a Ruger in 7.62x39, it’s kind of close :slight_smile:

I’ve got a .300 Whisper, apparently not as “tacti-cool” as a Blackout. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

CFE BLK is great for x39 and Blackout.

Mate I am loading 300 Blk with AR2207 with 178 & 180 grain projectiles with great accuracy. Not sure on exact velocity (circa 1600 fps) and haven’t had a chance to shoot a pig with it yet either.
I usually run 125gn projectiles with 2205 for pigs however I don’t have a lot left so saving the 2205 for my 357.
I haven’t found any problems with 2207, there is load data for it in the ADI tables. Out of curious what size projectiles are you loading with the 2207 mate.

Best results were from 17grns of 2205 with 155grn Berger’s VLD’s. Mostly use 123grn Nosler BT’s. 2207 works well with the heavier pills. The ‘pointy bit’ I like to use the most in my 300B is Hornady 110 vmax’s
They just don’t like 2207 (I have the Quickload Software with the matching OBT add on) it’s brilliant for matching the optimum barrel harmonics for any given barrel length. Use that mainly for my 6x47 Lapua bench rifle while cross referencing the loading manuals as I develop a load. The attached pic shows a 100mt target using the 155 Bergers (not too shabby for a 300B I guess) :blush:


Mate I’d have thought 2207 would be too slow for 155gn projectiles, and definitely too slow for the 110 gn projectiles. If it’s an option, perhaps come up to a 180 like I have.

Yes, I might have to use the bigger pills with the 2207 until they release another batch of 2205 (not going to hold my breath on that one) I originally bought the 300B to use 110-125’s. Find one good load and stick with it. That was about a thousand reloads ago :joy: I mainly shoot at the range these days. It’s a pretty versatile cartridge you can shoot comfortably all day long.


Yeah mate, agree. Good fun, plus a capable closer range pig cartridge too.

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Be a perfect cast bullet rifle too, given the velocities…But maybe not if they are 1-8 twist barrel…

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I have a 30 cal gas checked mold and it is on my list of things to try mate.

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Best of luck mate…i think the 8 twist will be too fast…but maybe not below 1100fps…let me know how it goes…

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Wilco Sir.
If they’re no good I might try a bit of TB to see how that goes for a sub round.

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TB was extremely accurate with Subsonic Lee 155gn SP cast bullets in my 308 Omark with 8gns. @50m

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