Another new toy

So my tax refund was better than expected this year. Got a few extra funds in the pocket. Easy solution, buy more guns.
BUT!, Says the tiny voice of logic and rationale, you have renovating to do. You need tools.
A recent move to a house with a bigger shed has afforded me the opportunity to get some bigger tools.

So I got me a table saw.
1700w Metabo. And it folds up for storage. Pretty mean little machine… I like machines.

. Renovation story to follow.


Nice buy.
Folds up to a very compact little package.

Hope you get plenty of use for it and will look forward to the renovation updates.

Who doesn’t love tools. I’d love a saw like that, can make anything! So useful. If I had the room, I’d just stand there and cut shit instead of meditating. I don’t meditate, but if I had the saw I would!

I thought that was what you did in front of the gun safe.

No, I think your dyslexia is playing up again, @1Fatman .

Really nice I wish I had one. I have been making some boxes for batteries and computers for the rifle club over Christmas and my induction annealer this last week. That would have made the job so much easier and given so much better results. I have been jerry rigging stuff and busting stuff to try and get what you have. I tried to turn a little ozito table saw that only does 90 deg cut into a multi angle. Busted it up enough to get a small angles but no enough or what I wanted. Back to the circular trying to make straight square cuts, just impossible.

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We have an extension at the back of the house that the back corner has sagged. Upon investigation, the extension is a bit shit. The effort to repair it properly has left me with the conclusion it will be more cost effective to demolish and rebuild. Proper insulated roof, matching floors to the rest of the house, fully plastered etc.
As it is the extension is not bad, but for those that know what they are looking at, it’s all a bit amateurish. Roof doesn’t have proper fall, not insulated. The sag has twisted windows , making them difficult to shut etc. And of course the floor slopes off in one corner which is weird and annoying.

Well when you have finished that job can you come to my place and fix the front veranda which has got some rot into the bearers making some of it a bit spongy, also the end bull nose wood has rotted out and needs replacing. not sure why that one has rotted. I don’t think its termites but it could be one of the posts also seems a bit soft under the paint. Anyway you will have plenty of practice after your place so you should be able to knock my repairs over in an afternoon.

Few hours , tops.

Reno’s always take twice as long and cost twice as much as expected.

I used a ladder today. Feeling man AF.

I prefer to drink beer and scratch myself inappropriately.

There is no such thing.

Your shed just failed my ohs inspection. Lol

…or did your OH&S inspection fail the shed?

Safety third, that’s what I always say!

Normally I don’t have empty cider boxes on the floor. It fell there when doing the picture and I never bothered to pick it up…it’s still there .

So what did you pay for it?
I’m looking at getting one soon as I have another reno to do to the house thanks to termites.

$990 from Sydney’s Tools in Hopper’s Crossing.
For comparison an ozito was $200
Ryobi was $450
Makita was $600 ( no stand)
DeWalt was $1200 with a stand ($990 by itself)
Milwaukee was about $1300 no stand

I liked the Metabo because it has decent power, a nice wide table , good accurate height and angle adjustment and I like the way the legs were integral to the machine. Being able to fold it up was an important factor for me.

The DeWalt was nice and I nearly got that, but the stand was bulky and awkward to set up, needing to be bolted together.

Packs away nicely under the new drill bench I made this afternoon.

Space next to the drill put aside for a bench grinder/linisher.

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