Another media beat up

Yeah, I did see that. Mixed emotions about the guy, but at the same time, he probably has more knowledge and appreciation of ecosystem than any unemployable tree hugger ever will.

Premier Mark McGowan said the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions needed to investigate how Mr Crossberg was appointed.

He indicated he did not believe it was appropriate for a game hunting enthusiast to hold a position with a conservation organisation

Perhaps the premier needs to be schooled on conservation lol And how those animals are in fact conserved.

Personally i think the bloke is pond scum, but with a name like Jewell he was probably teased & beaten up a lot as a kid and therefor only grew up into half a man full of insecurities, so perhaps shooting these types of animals is the only way he can feel a bit better about himself by pretending he’s a big game hunter, even though finding them & shooting them on those game parks is about as difficult as ordering a pizza.
That doesn’t necessarily mean it should cost him his job though.


I don’t care for this bloke or his choice of game. doesn’t mean he is not qualified to do the job.

Unfortunately MGowan could not turn up to the next election and still win.
The usual Labor seat warming hacks are already squabbling of the spoils.
Maybe Mgowan could direct his department to investigate how appropriate it is for these muppets to be selected to represent their constituents.

Absolute power corrupts.

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The pay to hunt is a topic that divides shooters. it shouldn’t really while it is not for every one to those it suits good luck to them. The type of animal being shot again is a contentious topic. Again there are as always two side to the story. it does provide an income to people that may not have many other opportunities. They have realized this and now make sure that the practice is sustainable.

Its not for me animal trophies aren’t my thing. I figure if I can get close enough to shoot it that is enough. Killing it really takes no more skill. Others are the complete opposite just like women its lucky we don’t all like the same thing.


I have similarly ambiguous ideas about trophy hunting, especially threatened species; even if the hunting is an active aspect of conservation… It’s a complex issue.

As for this dude’s appointment, I can’t see the issue. I’m pretty sure there are no rhinos, elephants or giraffes in Esperance! :thinking::face_with_monocle: