...and so it begins.

Source: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/woman-hospitalised-after-assault-in-thornbury-park-attacker-on-the-run-20191020-p532do.html

Next article: Police charge woman for stabbing a man.

There’s been some pretty crazy assaults this week. The other day a 14 y.o. tasered someone at Monash whilst trying to steal their bag.

One is assault (14yo as you said), the other is the exact opposite. I think you sort of missed the point.

Sorry, when I refer the assault, I meant the woman being assaulted by the dude with the knife. Her self defense was fair game.

No, her self defence is 100% a crime. She was carrying a weapon :wink: Unless of course she is coming home from a knife shop or a supermarket, where she bought that knife and took it out of packaging.

It says she took the knife off of him! Good on her, I hope his wound gets infected and he drops off the perch…

Yeah, I need to read better. LOL


Would have been cooler my way.