Well it appears the firearms registry of the Northern Territory is implementing limits on rhe amount of ammunition a licence holder can store. An email circulating suggests and I say again, suggests that the following is under consideration. I note that even the license types talked about are unclear but I will make a guess:

  1. No recording of the sale of ammunition from NT ammunition retailers (gun stores).

  2. A limit of 1000 rounds of ammunition PER CALIBRE OWNED for Cat A&B licence holders, aka “SHOOTERS LICENCE” holders; these are people licensed for the purpose of hunting on crown or private land with appropriate permission and permits using Cat A&B firearms only

  3. A limit of 5000 rounds per calibre owned for “Sporting Shooters” I believe this refers to sports competition shooters who maintain a minimum number of competitions annually to maintain their licence conditions, using Cat A, B C and H

  4. 5000 rounds per calibre for pest controllers

  5. 5000 rounds per calibre for primary production

  6. 500 per calibre for corporate and occupational

Again, at this point its all suggestive and is being pushed because the NFA section 54 says so.:

Oh duhh, it doesnt say that at all. It says we should be limited to how we can buy in one period. Man I love da police.


5000, wtf. I went through 500 at the range this afternoon. This is madness for the sake of paperwork.

So is this possession or storage or purchasing within a transaction?


If you shoot comps as per gazetted club schedule accepted by licencing, say only 3 comps per week with average of 100 rounds per comp. That’s 300 rounds per week for comps.
You will also do a 200 round practice shoot before or after the comp, that’s another 600 rounds.
So now we are looking at 900 rounds per week.
Let’s say you shoot 40 out of 52 weeks… We are looking at 36,000 rounds. That’s per discipline-firearm combination, not per discipline and not just per firearm. Because you need to practice IPSC with a 9mm stock gun for standard division and one with red dot for open division. Plus, revolver comps, both with and without the optics and trigger control practice sessions with a 22.

Where the heck did 5,0000 come from?!?!

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Surely it’s not that hard for the legislation to differentiate out rimfire ammo?
Not that ammo limits are ever desirable, but being in trouble for 2 bricks of 22lr seems wack.

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Why only 22? Those numbers are not for 22 my naive young friend. 9mm, 38super, 38spc, 357mag, 223 and 308 for IPSC rifle shooters or any other calibre really that you run a rifle in, 12ga for IPSC and clay shotgun shooters, 45ACP for services match shooters…

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Point 1 and 6 seem to contradict one and other.
I wonder if they will put limits on reloading supplies that is where it would hurt the most for the high consumption use users.

I wasn’t referring to the comp thing. I was referring to Point 2.

Doesn’t that mean ordinary, non-comp 22 plink plebs like me can get in trouble for having more than 2 bricks of 22LR?

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What do you mean you haven’t been to a 22 plink comp. I could swear I saw you there.

In all seriousness I do think there would be club secretaries or repreentitives that would provide a letter of attendance for a visit of any type.

Mate, all you need is a box of 20 30-06, nobody needs more than that. I’ve been shooting mine since @bentaz and I went hunting in 1873.


Re’ 22LR ammo - I test many different brands/lots to find what works best in each of my (several) competition rifles. When a specific lot is identified I will usually buy, at least, a couple of cases, for EACH of those rifles. That’s 10,000 for each rifle.
The proposed limits are an attempt to persecute LAFO’s by making things like ammo’ allowances unworkable to the point where, they hope, it all becomes too hard and we throw in the towel.


I read point 1), then i read point 1A) between the lines. Dont store it all in one place…


Does anyone know why it’s pertinent for governmnets of the day to enact legislation that conforms with 90% with the NFA, while not bothering with others?
Im not saying I want it all!
Im saying why does a government feel the need to do one part of the NFA and not just do it all? I mean we don’t have 28 days waiting for most Cat A&B permits. The NT doesn’t record ammo sales. The NT doesn’t require a safety course (Cat A & B), doesn’t have the same Safe Weight requirements. A few other ones too.

I think the real question is “Why do governments feel they need to follow the NFA at all?”

I mean, it’s not legislation. There’s no legal penalties attached to a government saying “Yeah, we’re chucking this in the bin and people with a licence can have pump shotguns and semi-auto .22s for whatever reason they like”.


Hey, wasn’t it NT pol. that “banned” Savage A22R only to be unbanned? I mean, they certainly have the pedigree in this foolishness.

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Yes & Yes. I understand.

I want to know why. Why do they do this? Does someone push a button? Who? Why? I want to know.

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Because reasons.

Grrrrrrrr WHY??

Something happens. These drones dont just wake up one morning and go “You know what, I better check sec 54 of the NFA”.

Im freakin edgy man. I cant sleep. I cant relax.

Ahhh there we go. Heart rate coming down. Returning to normal. Guys if I ever spazz out and start foaming, dont fry my ticker with defib just play Lindsey Buckingham and Ill be alright.

Hey, the start of the clip is like @juststarting peeling out of Sungazers place after Plinkfest eh? :smile:


GUNSHIP - The Mountain [Official Lyric Video] - YouTube

This is the world I was promised while I was growing up

For shits and giggles…

2023 - 22LR consumption to date, sub-7000 rounds. 2022 - 22LR at the same time roughly, sub-8000 rounds. I still have to the end of the month! Teeheehee.

2022 as a whole, circa. 17,400 of 22LR ammo. Ummm, ok, yeah, hrmm, uhhh, I have nothing to add.

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Actually, I do have something to add! I recon @Supaduke is pretty close, so as you can see, there are other people like me and therefore I am normal.

I’ve been through almost 3000 .22lr at the pistol club since i joined in April and I don’t even own a pistol yet.

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