Ammo Cans, Ammo Boxes

Previously I already have a plastic ammo can from a certain manufacturer which I will not name, but I think you all know what brand this is :stuck_out_tongue:

And ever since, this business of carrying/storing ammo in a plastic box had been keeping me up late at night. However I was able to find a big military style ammo box from Super Cheap Auto (the big one on the right). While finally was able to sleep at night, I still have a slight niggle about the box as it’s not the “genuine thing”… so eventually I went to Peter’s Military & Camping and bought two ex-army ammo cans.

So … lets take a look at them … starting with the crappy plastic one

Link to video : Don’t Put These In the Fridge!

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A pair of bolt cutters opens all of them…having a padlock on them just keeps the powers to be happy…


It keeps us out of trouble though.


Yeah, you only need a pocket knife to open a locked plastic box, ask me how I know.

Also the cheap padlocks from Bunnings can be opened with just about any key that fits, ask me how I know lol.

How do you know, @danmac

How do you know @Supaduke

Thought that it was obvious, get to the range, realise you’ve forgotten the key, get pocket knife out and cut the plastic lock-tab. Box can now be opened , good thing they come with a couple of extra lock tabs.

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Forgot my keys also, dude with random set of keys had padlock open in about 20 secs

I actually don’t care. I was just being nice because you asked to ask :grin:

Doesn’t matter if you care, we imparted knowledge and now your squishy little brain is slightly less dumberer.


Not as bad as, forgetting the bolt to.the rifle, then you have to shoot a mates rifle, and you beat him with his rifle…

Yep, that’s quite common in the competitions I shoot. Loan someone your rifle and they beat you with it.

I really like the sound of the BP comps you shoot…very deliberate fire. Do you shoot front stuffers, or just BPCR??

A bit of both. Mostly cartridge rifles as long range muzzle-loading comps are almost non-existent here. Some of my first shooting was with kit muzzle-loaders my uncle used to make, I’ve also shot a lot of cap and ball revolvers.
At the encouragement of a friend from the U.S, ( who I visited with when he came to Adelaide in 2017 for the Long Range Muzzle-loading World Titles ), I bought a Pedersoli Gibbs long range in .45 cal. For the price it cost, the fit and finish is shithouse, lucky it’s a very accurate rifle or I’d have taken it back and told the distributer to shove it up his arse. ( Unfortunately, there isn’t much choice here in Australia, that’s about it for a suitable rifle. )
Anyway, I shot good enough scores with it to qualify for the Aussie team and competed at the World Tites in 2019 at Bisley in the U.K.
This year, I actually shot a higher score at Easter in the 500 yard event than I did with my .45-90. Go figure.
( I think we’ve run off the tracks on this post )

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