Almost wildcatting.

So the service match revolver load of choice according to the Grand Master Fudd Dragons, is:

38 special
2.4 grains of Bullseye
100 grain semiwadcutter
bullet seated 2.5-3.0mm below the case mouth
this creates allegedly the best air/fuel ratio based on powder volume versus air gap left.

Anyway, the thing I dont like about this is that speed loading a gently roll crimped empty mouthed case is never smooth or fast.

So, allow to present the all new 38 Super Express Macho El Negra

(Thats it on the right)

With the cone of the swc exposed, it is now much easier to speed load them into even a non chamfered cylinder.

Its quicker to eject too with the shorter case meaning less chance of those annoying hangups between the cylinder and the grip.

It is much better for taper crimping now as there is no unsupported brass. Roll crimling is improved also.

I will make a batch and test fire them at great danger to myself because not all heros wear capes. Smoke me a kipper. Ill be back for breakfast.


How did your 38 SWC loads go? I have a lot of 38 brass im thinking of loading up with a TWC bullet, for some plinkers in my 357 martini…


You mean .357Minimum.


I was hoping to have some data but Ive been busy with Pride Month celebrations. So many intersections, not enough rainbow coloeed paint. Oh well, only a few more days left and its back to regular months. Guess Ill go dilate now…

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Minimum? Really? You cant think kf a more a more positive and empowering name???

Yeah go dilate…

.38 prd/mnth maybe?