Alleged intruder in hospital after being shot in leg

Alleged intruder in hospital after being shot in leg (

…in the leg squints I wonder what he was aiming for.

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Lets hope the homeowner gets treated fairly

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Based on precedent they’ll be charged but hopefully no jury will convict based on the naked man being in a ?child’s cupboard

EDIT I misremembered, the precedent is actually no charge

Its in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Westralia, of course the home owner will get raped!

He didn’t follow the Home Invader Resolution Handbook and now he’s going to get in trouble…Poor bugger was just protecting his wife & kids.

I’m sure on page 12, paragraph 4 of the HIRH manual it mentions something about a torso shot, a couple of litres of bleach, a shovel and some raw lime.

Just joking of course :thinking:

Not necessarily… we do have the most lenient rules on self defense I believe. But if you killed someone you’d still be up.for manslaughter.

I hope you’re right, but old mate in that article had absolutely everything going for him, no way he could be charged really.
77 years old
invalid wife
multiple attackers
locked themselves in a room
warned the attackers

He genuinely did everything else possible first.

To shoot someone hiding in a cupboard is not self defence. Don’t get me wrong, I reckon its fully justified, but I think old mateis fucked sadly.

Yeah obviously will depend very heavily on the details. I’d be surprised if paps hasn’t already issued a press release.

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This fella was shot not to far from me, serves him right. A bit of a positive for the community he didn’t cop it in the chest i suppose, would take a fair while for cops to get out there, its semi rural.

Yep the guy in the original story looks hard pressed to get away scot free i think (well it seems that way from my couch in Brissy anyway), nothing like the 77 yr olds story Mullmans popped up.

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