All those jokes about WA... Turns out they weren't jokes.

I didn’t read the whole article because well lunch break is precious but it is a fine line, mining has helped Australia during covid, no ifs or buts about it, and a very good percentage of that ore has gone to china, we can’t survive without them, and they can’t survive without our ore at this stage, but china is also being pretty provocative in how they’re behaving, i don’t know how its all going to go, and as much as id like to say ’ screw china ’ it Indirectly helps keep me employed and i do buy somechinese products both directly and indirectly

I think you are confusing mutually beneficial trade relationship with literally embedding Chinese government proxies in WA government structure. It happens when you don’t read :wink:

I see federal response in the future like port lease go bye-bye.


I never thought we were joking!


About 80% of Australian produced seafood and cherries also go to China and a little bit to Japan.
Prawns for example, we export our best to Asia, then import those horrible little pizza prawns from dodgy aqua farms in Thailand and China, grown in waters that are questionable at best.