Ali Express Trail Cam

I dont know why it has taken me so long to actually get a trail cam given the amount of other electronic gadgets I spend time and money on. Anyway I but the bullet and went with a standard basic cheapo unit

hope the link stays good. Price has increased a few $ since I purchased now$45 something funny about $ Algorithm on Ali always seems to go up once a few $ once you buy one.

So I went with the basic rather than the version that sends you a notification as I didnt want to fwith a sim card and all that entails.

I have had this unit in one week or 6 nights wow what a city out there at night.
Yes the sambar can sense or see the camera /video somehow funny thing is the varied reaction each animal has some will glance it and take off others will give it a good look and have a look at it from where they are. Then there are the inquisitive ones who notice it and pose for a picture or come in closer for a better inspection.

This boy is not happy Jan stomping his feet at the camera for over a minute in full he has 3 triggers of the cam ie 3 vids.
In the 5 night stint There where over 6 Sambar individuals 3 -4 males with varying head dress 3 females and one calf. This is on one small bush track. Along with at least 5 different foxes one who was not long for this world,

not by me but he was hoping back home I assume with a back leg being held up but dangling with what looked like a big hole in it. 2 wombats and surprisingly no Roos.
The camera took good photos on nearly all cases with only one grainy and one blurred for some reason camera must have been moved. Biggest complaint would be that there is a timer between the detection and the photo it says it can be set lower than what it actually can which is about 3 seconds animals tend to appear mid frame quite often rather than getting multiple shots of them as they pass frame.


Thats a good number of deer youve got there.
Is this right up the back of your place or closer to the house?

I think this is just a small sample of the deer that frequent my place. Its a small track at the back about 1/2 way up the hill.

I will post some of the shots the quality is really good and I dont have it set to the highest res. Hard to chose the pics or vid they all have their own quirky quality of animals behaving in the wild.

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