Air rifle fun times.

Been doing pretty well this last week with the 'ol sluggy. every now and then something strange comes over me and I just want to shoot the shit out of the slug gun instead of my usually shotgunnery.
Tally so far is 2 crows, a whole bunch of sparrows and just now a bunny.
I don’t have a phone atm so no pic’s, so I know, I know, it didn’t really happen.

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People knock em but they’re heaps of fun on the cheap

Bloody oath mate.
I bought my air rifle second hand for $80 and I only buy cheap pellets $11 for 500, works out to 2.2 cents a shot, best value fun you can have with your pants on!

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Who said having cheap fun with your pant off is even possible?

Hadn’t shot air rifle for about twenty-five years until I bought one a couple of months back and [email protected]#k me they’re just a lot of fun for [email protected]#kall money!! :grinning:
A brand new bsa scout cost 180 up here, 10 bucks for 500 gamo pellets and a heap of cane toads that need cullin … :beers:


I used the old one that I used to have to teach the kids how to shoot properly.
Got a shotgun shell and emptied the contents out and stuck it in a piece of foam with the primer facing out.

The kids would then practice on hitting the primer, good for aiming lol. When they hit the primer it went off with a quiet bang, then you just have to replace the primer and repeat.

The other bonus was they could do it in the back yard and reuse the pellets that were in the foam.

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Now that’s some thinking!

HD foam… small target… re-usable pellets…

Yep, the kids turn out to be pretty good after awhile and when given a proper firearm transferred the skills easily.

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Yep I bought mine to teach the girl spawn to use open sights when she comes of age. Til then me and mum have fun!! :grinning: