Ahhh, I has it in my paws

Nothing too exciting but I’ve never owned a real 'murican 30-06 before! I went and fetched my permit after jumping through some hoops. This should keep me happy for a while. Until a real clip fed mauser shows up for the right money.

RUGER GUIDE GUN 30-06 Springvale
Long action Hawkeye 77
4 round blind mag
20" and confirmed it is 1:10" twist
Stock is carved from select laminate trees.
Metal is stainless and coated in something tactile that cleans up really well with acetone based shotgun cleaning sprays.
Came with 1" rings
Used 26mm rings with a 2x Khales.
Checkering is super chunky
Have some 180g woodleighs for porkers and some 130g Hollow point sierras for furrier critters.


Actually quite like that !

Very nice, 30-06 is a great calibre, can be “tuned” to take anything that walks in this country. But what do you mean “real clip fed Mauser”? Military or sporterized military? And what would you consider the right money? I have bought Mausers in the last 2 years from $120 for ordinary bore and $250 for good bore, up to $4K for a rare collectible. Plenty of ex-military around, when you’re ready drop me a line, Cheers

Ahh the mighty 30-06, now it’s time to take it out and shoot something.