Adventure kings 12v fridge?

Has anyone here got one of these or knows someone that does?
I’m after some feedback. Like most people i have one of their swags and a little genny too and i can’t fault either of them, especially for the price.
Im thinkingi g about getting a 12v fridge mostly to use in the shed up at my property as ive got solar set up already, buti will use it camping / hunting too.
Anyway, any feedback on these or any others you have would be appreciated.
Cheers :beers:

Anyone know about these ones?
Looks pretty good to me, but then i know sweet FA about them.

A Peltier device type fridge works well enough and uses less power. You could set one up to run directly off a panel (no Battery) and it’ll cool when the sun is shining.
Limitations are they only cool 20 or so degrees from ambient and the outside heat sink heats up.
120W 12V Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System Kits Cooler Fan 890271242519 | eBay
That’s the way cheap car fridges work, build one into an esky and its good enough for a cheap bloke on his own in the bush off grid (from experience).

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Mate I have one of the Brass Monkey fridges, not as big as that one though, think mine is about 22Lt or there abouts.
I did a bit of research prior to purchasing and there were mixed reviews.
Mate it is a bit noisier than my other fridge (ARB) however I rate it highly. I have had it for well over a year now running it in my car mostly. Hasn’t missed a beat.

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Was just about to mention brass monkey, kings is a bit of a way for me in WA but locally jaycar have them all, i’ve had a 25 litre in the back of the ute for a few years now, been up to the pilbara and all, not insulated as much as i’d like but its still keeping stuff cold

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Thanks mate, ill look into that idea.

Did you just hook a 120w panel up to the 120w peltier or will it work more efficiently with a bigger panel? I have a couple of 300w panels im not using.

I’d go a Brass Monkey over a kings, personally i think kings are shit. i Tried one of their solar blankets which delaminated at about 11months old (used twice) but by the time i got around to ringing them it was 12months and one week old and their response was tough luck it’s past 12 months old…Fuck Kings.
But apart from my hating on Kings the Brass Monkey has better warranty 3yr vs 2yr, plus it’s sold at a bunch of places all over the country, so if you ever have an issue while travelling it would probably be easier to get things sorted.

Mine was just a small Peltier with big heatsinks and no fan, 25 watt I think connected to a 50 watt panel. It was a long time ago and things have changed. If you have spare panels a commercial 12v fridge and a deep cycle battery setup may well be the way to go.
Back when I was doing it all this stuff was ridiculously expensive.

I have an engel and a waeco. The engel lived in my Pajero running every day for 5 years, it now lives in the camper and gets occasional use. The waeco has been running every day in my Hilux since Jan 2014. The temp controller had a hissy a few years ago which meant it maintained temp but was running constantly, turned out to be an easy and cheap fix by the Waeco service centre in Adelaide. Its been running constantly for about 4 years since that happened. I’ve been very happy with both. I had a peltier cooler fridge, was very disappointing, beers were never cold enough. I pulled the 3 way fridge out of the camper and dumped it, the engel/waeco both work heaps better.