Adler B230 Banned in NSW



WE have confirmation from the Firearms Registry these shotguns are being banned in NSW under the state’s ridiculous ‘appearance laws’.

The “experts” at NSW Police Ballistics Investigation Services have determined the Adler B230 shotgun is a Schedule 1 Prohibited firearm under the Firearms Act 1996 – more specifically Item 7, which prohibits “any firearm that substantially duplicates in appearance (regardless of calibre or manner of operation) a firearm referred to in item 1, 5 or 6.”

Item 1 is “Any machine gun, sub-machine gun or other firearm capable of propelling projectiles in rapid succession during one pressure of the trigger,” Item 5 is “Any self-loading centre-fire rifle of a kind that is designed or adapted for military purposes”, and Item 6 is “Any self-loading shotgun of a kind that is designed or adapted for military purposes”.

Our own experts have determined NSW Police are banning the gun simply because it looks scary, as we cannot fathom how the gun would possibly fall afoul of Schedule 1 - it is manually operated, based on a manually-operated sporting design, and is not used in any variant by any military force in the world.

“Pistol grip” and “Detachable magazine” are not synonymous with “Semi-auto” or “Military use” and we are deeply concerned the precedent this sets could effectively ban all longarms in NSW with pistol grips and detachable magazines.

Dealers in NSW have been advised they are no longer allowed to sell the Adler B230 shotguns, but no information has been provided as to whether existing owners of these shotguns will be allowed to retain them. We are looking into this and will let you know as soon as we find out the answer.

It might be the Christmas/New Year break but we are already working to fight this nonsense decision and will be working closely with dealers and importers as well.

If you live in NSW – even if you don’t own one of these shotguns – we need you to e-mail your local MP in both the Lower and Upper House ( and the Police Minister ( right away.

Yes, we know it’s the holidays – but clearly the antis aren’t taking any time off so we can’t afford to either.

Stand up, get active, and say ENOUGH!


With all due respect to you guys, we’ve established time and time again that writing to Dear Minister is useless. In fact, it’s counter productive, it wastes paper, ink and time that could be spent on the range. Seriously, I am beyond fucking tired of hearing “write an email”. Yes, a stern letter will totally change things. There’s just no data to support that. Legal action and political lobbying is the only action. Writing letters is like fucking for virginity. Shooters can help at election time, that’s it. Everything else, we depend on our organisations.

One of the things that came out of the gun shop closure debacle in Queensland is that e-mailing MPs does work if enough people do it.

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I am a little confused ( and no it is not that hard to do ) But normally WA is the first to jump on this ban wagon but so far no word from them and secondary, what has changed in it’s appearance since they first approved it for sale?

I think one of the legal arguments should include how they can allow it to be sold for 12 months or so and then turn around and say that it is to scary.

There’s a lot to unpack, that’s for sure.

Yep, agree 100% mate… The appearance laws are the one that shits me the most. I mean seriously, who actually gets to see it anyway ? Some other kent at the range isn’t likley to have an issue and if your out bush hunting there’s little chance some overly timid prick is going to see it… So just who the fark is getting scared ??? It’s not like we are all just wondering the streets with our guns etc…
Really shits me off the way its changed over the years, I didn’t realise how lucky we were when I could get on a school bus with my shotty and go clay target shooting… My school had about 20-25 school shotguns, and here we are now… ffs…
Rant over…


It’s no secret one of our priorities for NSW is getting the “appearance” provisions of the legislation removed. They were intended to stop people turning AR-15s into straight-pull rifles (and we don’t support that use of the law either); they weren’t intended to ban guns for “looking scary” and now they’re just being used to ban things the Police don’t like the look of.


Out of interest, what’s the approach to have a legislation like that removed?

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That’s one of the things we have to work out in the New Year. It’d require a change to the Act itself from the looks of things, though.


Pull off a change like that and you mob will have your server crashed with new members signing up… :blush:

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