Adler B220aw $495 at Cleavers

What a bargain, at that price you can’t afford not to buy one.

Yeah that is a bargain hey.

Oooo when bargains like that… Is something new coming here? Mmmmmmm

Yeah a new law to ban them :rofl:


Not in Queensland.

At $495 you’re completely mad if you don’t grab one of these, IMO.

Agreed, if i didn’t already have one i’d grab one for sure.

Also a tip if anyone does get one, Cleavers usually have a few of the factory pistol grips from the other B220 model that they’ve swapped out to pimp them. It’s worth asking if you want one, i asked & got one pretty cheap when i bought mine.

It says that its actually Cerakoted. The factory Adler All Weather finish is total dogshit, so this is a great improvement if it really is Cerakote and at $495 it bound to be one of those of those guns you’ll never (be able to) sell.

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I’ll pass