Adler B-230 review

There she is basking in the evening sun, thinking about things.

So… First the negatives. I am nitpicking, so I thought I’d get this out of the way first.

Bolt does not lock back on the 230T model (as far as I can tell). It does on 220 (tube magazine), but not on 230 (box magazine). In general, it’s not a big deal. The annoying bit is when I wanted to run a bore sneak through it. Held the bolt open to feed the rope through and then pushed the bolt open with my foot (like a monkey), as I was pulling it through. That’s a minor inconvenience.

Fitting the barrel. Not a negative per se, but there’s a trick to it. This video ( at 1 min 44 sec - note how the guy works the bolt handle to seat the barrel… That’s the trick. Figured it out with trial and error, before I found the video. Force won’t work, or it will, but once.

That’s about it for the negative, really. Handles very well. Feels tight and dare I say, as good, but probably better than Dickinson T1000 shotgun.

Bolt handle feels very well and smooth. Seems to eat all sorts of loads and hull types. No feeding, extraction or ejection issues, fired around 50 shells.

Sights, as expected - nylon/plastic sight, but work very well.

I knew I was going to pop a red dot on it, so not really a concern. However, really nice ghost ring and front sight and very easy to align, points very well. The red dot that I have has high and low mount options. I opted for high, because I quite like the sights and wanted to keep them.

High mount (above).

View through the ring with red dot front-above the rear sight.

Rest of the photos…

I have a feeling that Remington 7615 adapted will suit the gun, to install after market retractable/collapsible butt. However, I am told the trigger guard shape on 230 is a little different and may not accept the grip. I have both, so I will experiment when I get a moment, unless Lucky13 gets there before me and I can just buy it! However, this is a purely ‘the looks’. In terms of usage, I found the furniture to be very comfortable and pretty good fit for length of pull.

Recoil pad - pretty good. Felt like I could just keep shooting with it.

What else… Comes with 3 chokes, IC went in straight away.

Yeah, really impressed.

Nothing bad to say about it.

If I were to pick this vs Dickinson, I’d go this, feels a little smaller (although 220 model I would imagine is very similar).
If I had to pick this vs SHS (any model) - I’d go Adler any day. Fit, finish, assembly and quality (never thought I’d say that about Adler) is heaps better.

Bolt handle. This is for anyone who has SHS. Bolt handle here slides into a cut-out slot on either side and retained. SHS needs a pin and somewhat time consuming fitting. Again, would pick this over SHS any day.

Yep, pretty bland, but I am really impressed. Now I need to sight in the red dot and load a few hundred slugs :slight_smile:

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Will add this, to compensate for higher sitting red dot.

Already have one, like how they work. AUD10.11 right now, if anyone is interested.

Glad you like it, i haven’t had a chance to play with my 220 yet.
Cleavers say they’ll have the lucky13 AR/M4 stock adapter in late Jan but you can pre order now. It says it’s for the 220 but pretty sure there’s no difference between it and the 230.

Can we know how much the Adler cost?

Brief email exchange with Lucky13… Trigger guard is different slightly, between 220 and 230. Waiting for confirmation, but they weren’t ready to commit that both will work with their after-market parts.

Here you go: @JizzFlinger


Cleavers have them for $615 But in my search to find someone who has one in stock, the price went as high as $730.

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That sucks a bit then…

Nothing gentle sandpaper can’t fix, methinks.

Even new stock should be no more than $650. Give our take, say $20. Beyond that is not the going price.

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Just need to wait out the early rush, I remember people paying well over a grand for the first Adler levers when they came out.

I’ve pretty keen on a Berika black ops. But if these turn out to be as good as I’m hearing I might have to go this way as they are half the price.

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Ha ha. I meant how much did you pay for it, if you don’t mind me asking.

Reason being, they are very competively priced against other brands in the market, so Im wondering how much less than rrp you got it for. That way others know what to pay.

I’m trying to find the exact cost. I feel it was $650. I’ll find the invoice…


Thanks @bentaz and @juststarting.
Rang them today, spoke to Phil (very nice bloke) and they have a few in stock. So if you want one @JizzFlinger ring Phil on the mobile number on the advert.

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Talking to my local gum shop today, he refuses to sell the Berika and other straight pull 12g new to market shotguns. Reckons they are having all kinds of problems, people bringing them in to him asking for help, but says its cost him a lot of sales. He sells the Adler and Dickinsons and has had no issues. The young fellas go nuts over the Berika10 round mag on paper, but it constantly hangs up in practice.

Food for thought.

Well Lucky 13 have beaten you too it and have come up with this…


It is for the B220 but I don’t see why it wouldn’t’ fit the B230.

B220 Pistol Grip Adaptor

  • Pistol grip adaptor for Adler B220 series straight pull shot gun.
  • Accommodates standard M4 pattern accessories including pistol grip and buffer tube extension for collapsible butt stocks.
  • QD Sling attachment points for both LH/RH configuration.
  • High Grade Billet Alloy Construction
  • Mil Spec Black Finish
  • Does Include Grip, Stock, Tube Or Castle Nut. This is the adapter only.

NEW $109

From Cleavers.

It’s not 230 though… Like I said a few times… Adapter will work, they are the same. Grip, unconfirmed.

They need to make one that brings the line of the stock up in line with the bore, it would make it a heap more shootable. This is still the main thing that the Berika has over all the others.
Not only does it look much better but it makes for a better handling gun, with recoil coming straight back into the shoulder with much less muzzle jump than these more traditional shapes.

Having shot @juststarting’s Adler yesterday I have to say that I was very impressed with the fit n finish and overall performance especially for the price.