ADI's new pistol powder.

Hi All,

Some of you might be aware that our friends at ADI have released 2 new powders for pistols, they are APS350 and APS450.

They have released some load data for 9mm but nothing for 135gr projectiles. I am hoping that someone on here may have already played around with them and can share some min/max loads using 135gr round nose.

My other reloading books show nothing as the powder has only been out for awhile.

@Brett hoping that you might have a good load as I am sure you would have been experimenting with them. Only looking for min/max.

I’ve got some load data for 135’s that I’ll post later tonight or tomorrow as it’s on paper and I need to find it. I was one of the preview testers for ADI but can’t say I’m a fan yet of the new offerings.

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Thanks for that it will save some stuffing around.
What is it about the new powders that don’t impress you?

@Brett how did you go with the 135gr data, did you have a win?

Thanks for that @Brett, or looks like 3.6 grains is about the most consistent.
What was the accuracy like?

Going to necro this thread.

I am confused a little.

So the new ADI powder seems to generate more pressure at less volume and lower velocity at max recommended charge.

This seems like a step backwards. Is there a logical reason for this?