ADI Starting loads not listed

In this situation how do you decide what to use for a starting load?
I’m looking at the 2209 as I have some of that already.
With trail boss I always start at 70% of max volume and work up from there, but is that safe with other powders?

AR2206H is also a powder that is able to be loaded down below minimum. To a certain extent you can work out the velocity per grain of powder, Then pick a velocity you feel is safe and work that load back up. Looking at those I would think with 2206H you could go 30% below the max.

2206 and 2206h are different though aren’t they or can I use that 2206 max with 2206h?
I have 2206h & 2209 at home already.

They are different however in the ADI book word for word it says " AR2206H has a slightly slower burn rate than AR2206. As such, AR2206H can be used for loads where AR2206 is listed"

It also says if no starting load is given use 10% less than the max. However given the velocity of what is shown and the age of the gun I would go lower to get a feel for it first.

I knew this was in the book as well re AR2206H

"If there is a jacketed projectile (not cast) and a load already reported for AR2206H, then you are in business.
Take 60% of the maximum load, and use that as the starting load. Remember this only works for AR2206H.

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I often post this. Image from the ADI manual.