ADI - "New APS350 vs Old AS30N" for shotgun

There’s a shortage of Winchester WST powder on the shelves and word is that they will only be selling us ADI powders.

There is no reload data for the new APS350 on the ADI website, nor elsewhere that I can find. it’s their new shotgun powder. We need data for the light clay-target loads.

They say this in their news item …
… “The first of our new propellant range is APS350 and APS450.
APS350 – AS30N equivalent burn rate performance”…

Could someone please point me in the right direction to where we can find reloading data, or is it an exact equivalent to the AS30N data.

If anyone has anything I’d appreciate it.
Hull: Winchester AA 2 3/4"
Primer: W209
Shot: 7/8oz OR 1oz of #7 1/2
Wad: Any from these: WAA12L, WAA12SL, Fed 12SO
Powder: the new APS350 please???

G’day Redlander,
The new powders have a higher bulk density so they will throw higher weights from volumetric measures. You will need to change charge bars and weigh your new loads. The difference may be as high as 15% in some loads. Because of this I would start at 20% under the AS30 data for your desired load and work up. I must say that ADI have been very lax in releasing the new powders with virtually no support whatsoever regarding data, but they supplied data to Sporting Shooters for their review of the new powder so they must have it. Perhaps contact ADI direct and harass them a bit, Cheers.

It is not equivalent, @Redlander and @no1mk3 is pretty much on the money. ADI does powder development, Hogdon does load data. These are quite new and pistol loads just got published, so I am guessing shotguns will be online soon.

Back to what @no1mk3 said… (And I had exact conversation last night with someone else). The pressures of new powders seems to be a lot higher for similar weight of powder. Without load data, I’d definitely start 20% under and work upwards.

I must have rattled the cage. I received a reply from ADI Technical Support AND later a call from Mark at Winchester. The data sent to me are in PDF. I could take a screenshot and upload it, or better if I sent anyone interested the PDF attached to an email, so you get the caution, risk, etc letter with it.
P.S. I’ll be offline, shooting, today


Thanks, @Redlander. I’ll pm you for the data and upload it here. Don’t think you’ll be able to with PDFs.

OK. I have a letter and a data sheet from ADI

Hi redlander
Would you be able to send me the load data as im struggling to find any info on it myself


@Redlander or to myself and I can post it here if you can’t.

The data is in PDF and I can’t attach it in that format.
If you like, please send me an email and I’ll email what I 've received,OK?
[email protected]