Add state to username

Site host / moderators.
It would be SO helpful if the “handles” of members of this forum also included the State in which they reside or are commenting from.
There is no point to answering a query when the circumstances vary so much from State to State / Territory.
I only need knowledge of the requirements of my state, so will comment accordingly. Having no need to know what is required elsewhere, I will not / can not make specific comment.

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I’ll take a look, @oldAG.

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Good idea @oldAG.
@juststarting maybe it can be added under the username similar to the handgun user???

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Dont forget the 52 genders please. Tired of people assuming mine :roll_eyes:

I thought jizzflinger was your gender!


thats his end state…

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@oldAG the ‘State’ is in the users’ profiles. You can click on user’s avatar (icon) and you will see a pop-up with whatever user information that user filled in.

If a user added their location, this is where it will be shown. If it’s not there, this mean people haven’t added it to their profile. And the forum (or I) are not forcing that information from the user, because it adds no value. If the user wants to add it, by all means… Otherwise, nothing wrong with asking what state they are in :slight_smile: