Action shooting?

What dynamic type shooting events are happening or even possible in Australia?

I like the 2 and 3 gun comps I see that happen in the us, is there any interest for that stuff here?

Im aware of cowboy shooting and IPSC, but I’d there anything else in that area for us in Australia?


Multigun or dynamic or both? Depends what you mean by dynamic. IPSC is single gun. I’m not sure, but Wild Bunch potentially, or some derivative of it, &don’t know if we get that here, but I’d like that. Some clubs run “shotgun IPSC”, there are multi gun (thik three gun) comps in some clubs and possibly formally under IPSC in Australia. WA1500 you sort of have to move lol. ICORE too. Last two are single gun though.

Thanks I’ll look into them, I guess I’m thinking rifle and shotgun only. With some sort of physical challenge mixed in, thinking pistol is just to restricted/exclusive to work here.

This is a stage from a 2 gun event, they usually use ARs and AKs but these guys always rock up with odd stuff.

Another stage with some more physical elements mixed in.


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Im too old and broken to do any running between shooting stages.


Many members shoot handguns here. Look into Category H - General Handgun Licence.

Purely with rifles, I don’t know. Usually, it involves a handgun or a handgun club with facilities, that alternates firearms.

Perhaps you should look into the Precision Rifle Series (PRS), don’t let the name fool you. Those guys are awesome and I thin this is exactly what you are talking about (but one gun).

This might help:

Absolutely, I’ve started the process with the local pistol club.

Thanks for the tips :+1:

Found it!
This: Precision Rifle Series Australia 2018 Finale Match Video - YouTube
I can put you in touch with someone there if you’re keen.

What’s your local club, if you don’t mind me asking?

Yeah restrictive, and exclusive to say the least…half the reason, I gave it the ass.

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Google …Victorian Precision Rifle Series, it might be of interest to you

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Don’t listen to @Juststarting, his idea of ‘multigun’ is dual wielding a pair of autos.