Acme Firearms ISA 15 round mag

Recently got myself some mags from Acme Firearms. These are custom made CZ compatible mags. Injection moulded and assembled in aus.

Thought i’d write down some thoughts on it. Firstly, out of the box the mag is not as slick as a factory polymer CZ mag. Takes quite some fiddling to lock in. Maybe with extended use the mag will wear into the gun.

Secondly, the mag is not user serviceable. I consider this a deal breaker. There is a plastic plug at the bottom of the mag preventing disassembly. So the main spring and follower cannot be removed for a deep clean. Critical to my needs as I shoot a lot in the outback. The red dust gets everywhere - especially if you drop the mag in a pile of dirt.

Thirdly, and maybe a minor point. But in an email to Acme prior to purchase they had indicated they where willing to include a spare base spring and baseplate pin for an existing mag I have. After ordering, there was no parts included, and the invoice even says “No spare parts available for inclusion”. Seems very bait and switch to me, as I can’t find a source for these parts, and Acme sell practically the same mags. How hard is it to include a tiny spring and pin for a paying customer? ($88 to be exact)

Overall not thrilled. Mag will do the job I’m sure but its rough around the edges and not worth the money IMO.


Thanks always good to read a review. :grinning: :+1:

Good review.
Unfortunately it happens more and more that companies will promise something but don’t follow through once they have your money.

I own a few of those.

Material is definitely not as slick… I have noticed that it needs a bit of a slap to lock it in with a closed bolt in both Lithgow and Cz. However, locks fine with an open bolt (Lithgow and Cz), which I suppose is less than ideal for hunting.

I just took the magazine apart. There are actually 2 plugs on top of each other. I used a little screwdriver. Took it apart, put it back together. I suspect it’s there to position the spring or maybe prevent 16th round going in. I don’t know. Definitely serviceable though. I suppose you could make a small dent or whatever on them to pull them out easier next time.

All work well in Cz, in fact flawlessly and needed the “ozzie review” hack (as per the website) to get them perfect for Lithgow (under a minute).

Maybe this is the real reason for the “quick” review :blush: Drop them a line… When new magazines went on sale a lot of people got them, I know a few of us here did… Perhaps just an oversight in the initial sales rush - I usually find that these issues are resolved pretty smoothly when you remind the shop. If they don’t, then yeah - fuck that guy, but seems like this was the ‘straw’. Drop them a line and I am sure you’ll get your issues sorted.

For $88, all things being relative, this is a very good deal for a 15 round magzine in Australia. I say kudos to them for at least having a go. Looks could be a lot better, definitely looks a bit meh. Functions well though, at least for me.

Not at all. I’ve ductaped the bottom of the mag and its good as new. My negative review is because the mag won’t fit the gun properly. I slide it in as i would any other magazine and it won’t engage the latch. I have to tilt it forward as well, then it latches. An awkward movement I don’t have to do with my factory mag.

I tried to pry out the plug at the bottom of the mag with an exacto knife blade but it seems glued in or something. I don’t want to scratch or damage the plastic so i’m not going to try really hard, but it won’t budge easily.

So all in all $88 for a mag that won’t engaged in one smooth motion, is not easily serviceable.

Also i ordered after the initial rush - several weeks after in fact.

In that case, I stand corrected, shitty!

I do agree though, in my rifles, definitely needs a smack to go in on a closed bolt. I suppose different use cases. Mine are used for plinking, so open/closed bolt, doesn’t matter to me. For walkabout, I see how this could be an absolute c*nt of an experience for you.

With plugs, one I just opened - they are not glued, just very tight tolerance.Anyway, I digress, sounds like a shitty experience now that you’ve clarified.