ABS Fatality Statistics 2011 Australia


Today I thought I would have a look at some statistics. The source is the ABS For 2011.

I have compared firearm related deaths with water sports. (drownings etc)

Below is the result.

There were 181 deaths from firearms 135 were suicide. 14 were criminal assaults and 4 were by the police. This leaves 28 that were essentially accidents.

Compare this with 357 for both boating and drownings.

Interestingly there were also 1273 suicides by hanging and suffocation with an additional 89 hangings that were undetermined for the same year.

Any comment?

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What about equestrian deaths?

I didn’t look at those. I’ll have a look tomorrow. I believe they are pretty high.
Only looked at boating and drowning because I knew it was on the high side. There must be a few other deadly sports out there.

Not sport but would be interesting to see how many knife deaths there were for the same period.

Yeh, looked at those some time ago. A word of warning. Beware of the wife with a knife. Will look them up too. :+1:

Now you tell me, I just brought one of gwion 's knifes and gave it to the wife as a present, :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: :innocent:

Yep in qld horseriding deaths are fairly common. .not sure about other states???
As for wives with knives I know what ya mean fatman…
I just got this for the missus as she wanted a.new skinner!! :hushed::rofl:

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@Daddybang Soooo, is she going to convert you into a lamp shade?

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She keeps talking about “Home circumcision for fun and profit”!! :open_mouth::persevere::sweat:

The fun part would worry me lol.

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I can’t see anyone paying much for the off cuts either…

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What about lawn bowls? Probably be a few?
I reckon the should have show the stats for the number of people seriously injured in traffic accidents. Not just the number of lives lost. The results probably wouldn’t suit their road safety agenda though.