About the Gear & Shop Reviews category

That’s right, gear and shop review.

Gear - photos, data, descriptions, why and what and where. We looooove this stuff, especially when it has been field tested with real user feedback. Does it work? Does it glitch? Does it work, but has no additional benefit to an older model of something? This is all useful stuff for all readers.

Shops and online - well, be mindful about what is a review and what is a grudge. A grudge will be deleted without warning. Excellent store, has lots of stuff, but extremely expensive. Good. Someone looked at me the wrong way and wouldn’t knock off few bucks of a rifle. Bad, this is your personal grudge, not a review. If it’s an exceptionally awesome or exceptionally bad customer service, readers probably want to know about it too. Just be mindful about what is an honest review and what is a clash or incompatible personalities.

Most of all, remember, these are personal opinion of a single individual. User contributions and confirmation/similar or contracting experiences are important.