A22R for $450 or save for a CZ 515?

As the title says, my LGS has a new basic, blued, sporter A22R for $450. I can probably get it for a tad less.

On the other hand, I could save up for a CZ 515.

From everything I’m seeing, the CZ is a better rifle, as I would expect. I’m just not sure if it is like $800 better.

Interested to see what those who have the A22R think of it now that you’ve had it for a while. My main concern is the heavy trigger.


P.S. Before anyone says it, yes, I will probably end up with both. I am aware of this inevitable outcome.

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For $450, it’s a bargain. I would grab one while cheap, I have a feeling you won’t see another run.

May even become a bit of a collectible.


The triggers can be lightened up. Never to a match level type trigger they are after all a AR type of semi auto trigger. As far as shooting I dont think you would be dissapointed by the A22 I think it is a really accurate 22 full stop really when you throw in the price point of them they are amazing.

I still like mine very much. Can’t really add anything else here. Practical, heaps of fun, rugged enough not to worry about it and for the price… Sort of a no brainer.

Can’t talk about Cz, apparently I own one but I don’t have it LMAO

I’d grab the bargain while its there. The CZ’s may drop in price in six months or so, then again the AU$ may crash, then again…
I’m happy with my A22, but plan to get a CZ at some stage mainly for magazine compatibility with my Brno.