A shout out to Centreway Firearms

So I frequent the little shop in Keilor fairly often. I was there recently with JS taking care of a gun swap. While I was there I ordered a new Howa Bravo in 6.5 creedmoor (a very manly calibre I’ll have you know). I had enquired earlier and got a quoted price that was agreed on.

PTA is sorted so John ( from Centreway) goes to order the rifle. He phoned me a few days later and informs me that a certain importer is basically a bit full of poo when it comes to advertising. The quoted price suddenly doesn’t include a magazine, WTF how can you sell a chassis rifle that only accepts magazines and then not sell it with a magazine. We both agree that’s really sh1thouse. The actual mag is $150. Faaaark.

Anyway, John being a man of his word has worn it. I’m still getting the full rifle including magazine for the quoted price. I even offered to pay the extra. He has a customer for life.


If I have serious restocking to make, Centreway is pretty much the only shop that gets my business.

Good stuff , glad it turned out OK. Those sort of shops are slowly disappearing.
My LG use to be like that a few years ago but then new owners took over and it did not take long before they changed practices.

You should roll up there with a carton to show your appreciation.

I do 95% of my shopping there. Have done for about 5 years now. Expect to pay them a visit on Wednesday.

Have been a customer of Pauls since the old shop, and by extension of Johns since he took up running the business since his mother became too tired to help out. Good folk, keen hunters and shooters who try to promote the sport as well as try to make a living at it. (John could make a lot more money at his trade, but chooses to help in the shop. Dedication to the cause!) Cheers.

I called and spoke to Paul today. Quoted $17.50 for 250 wads. I had a grizzle they sounded expensive. I’ll have to opologize. Gone up sfa. Lol

Last time I bought a bag. Lol

Proof I mainly load to hunt. Lol. …When the boss let’s me…

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Been going there for many years. Always competitive prices and quite prompt when ordering stuff in. Not a love in for Centreway but I felt the need to let people know when you get good service.
For the record I’m getting a Howa Bravo in FDE, 6.5cm , 26 inch threaded barrel . Ordered a KRG bipod spigot for extra tacticoolness. Going to be my proper long range outfit for a while. Also eligible for PRS which I want to check out. Turns out the “package deal” only applies to the 24" setup. But their website says differently. I believe they will (or have) changed it.

Does it hurt when you fart? You tight arse.

As the saying goes, you don’t get rich writing cheques :slight_smile:

Actually… You kind of do.

A tight arse… And proud of it. :sweat_smile:

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All a bit of a worry now. The Bravo model offered had an oversize “tactical” bolt knob. Not sure if the 26" barrelled action has that. I’m now worried they are just going to grab a standard barrelled action and stick it in the stock.

I want an extra two inches and a tactical knob…

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From experience an extra inch or two would come in handy. :rofl:

Will have to make some phonecalls tomorrow.

John at Centreway is Awesome!! No BS there!

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He is my go to guy. Honest, good price , doesn’t muck you around, has the weird stuff no one else does.

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He is a member of the MRC also, and gives a discount to MRC members.

Revived old post. Bit of an institution really amongst Melbourne LAFOs.