A PSA from the SSAA regarding PTA....Eh.

An update from the team at LRD.

Good morning,

The Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) has identified an increase in the number of duplicate Permit to Acquire (PTA) applications that are being submitted. This means that applicants are either emailing their application to us and then forwarding the original via post or they are emailing, sending and contacting online dealers to lodge another application (usually within 14 days if they have not received their permits).This is causing delays in processing of applications as we need to perform additional checks to ensure that these applications are not duplicates.

It is preferred that you send your PTA applications via email or lodge it through a licensed firearm dealer via the Online Dealer System. In the event that you choose to send your PTA application via post, please ensure you do not email the same application in as well.

More information about LRD’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response can be found on the Victoria Police website – firearm industry news and if you have any questions, please email [email protected]

How about… They include the correct email, that way people won’t send twice the PTAs for half the output, ay… That be amazing. I mean, hey, you’d think [email protected] is the email, but no, no, it’s not. Be nice if they actually had consistent and meaningful email addresses. So rather than complaining to shooters, maybe they should fix the email address discrepancies and it’ll stop getting sandy.

And also maybe don’t go and change your email address when you have the old address printed on every licence. Or if you do, let people know.

I can’t believe, in 2020 we are still required to print, complete and scan a form back to them. How is it not just an online form you complete on their website?

This is the same FAR still processing licence applications from December 2019, yes?