A heatwave is on its way for Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide.

Looks like it is going to be hot in Mexico this week.
Time to fill the pool and climb in.

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It’s only going be 37C up here on Thursday. That’s not exactly a heatwave.

27C forecast for tomorrow, maybe it was a British meteorologist.

Yeah, it’s Gunna be 37 when I get to Echuca on Thursday.

You say it like you’re concerned, @GUN-DMC, but you and I both know that you get to do your summer look you’ve been planning all year. You and @bogong I reckon


I’m not sure who’ll do it better though.

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Just missing the mullet :rofl:

We have had mid thirties for most of last week.
Will be nice when summer gets here and it warms up.

The Black Saturday bushfires temperatures of 2009 were the worst. 46C in Melbourne and 48C up here. And 180 people died in those fires.

That’s horrible, but were you wearing hot pants and a sleeveless flenny, @Bogong?

I was on roof checking checking the bushfire fighting systems and making sure the pump worked, just waiting for something to fire up.

In hot pants?

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I’ll just leave this hear :grin::grin:

You really are a wanker. Live in the suburbs of Melbourne I guess.

Is that today mate?
You get used to it when you live up there, I almost died (literally) in the heat when I first moved to townsville, but after a while you get used to it. its the opposite when you move your wife to Vic from up there, never hear the end of the bloody complaining about how bloody cold it is, LoL!

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@Bogong you need to learn to chill out a bit mate, laugh at a joke now and then.
I reckon you’d look cute in hot pants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I live in the country!

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No mate, I’m just trying to demonstrate that you have some sort of a need to come into a thread and piss all over everything and everyone. Like a complete wanker. Last warning, then you’ll add this forum to a list of other forums you’ve been banned from.

I recon he’d look dashing. Little pale cheeks showing, nothing too much, just enough. He’d be hot.

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Back to AHN.


too much?