A first world problem on ethics.

So, fellow firearm enthusiasts, I pose to you a moral conundrum.

Like most of us on here , I have access to a variety of firearms including pistols.

With that comes range access and various places to shoot.

I’m relatively open at work about my penchant for firearms and have helped a few people get their license.

I have a more or less open invitation for anyone to come down to little river or my pistol club and have a go.

So , my conundrum is this.


Range fees


I directly offer
They ask me about shooting and then I offer

Range fees and ammo the cost would vary from $50-$100 out of pocket for a decent session

Should I take the hit? I’m not exactly poor but it’s still a crisp $100 out of pocket.

Am I a sh£t C@nt to ask for money?

Is there a correct answer?

Please offer your opinions

If they asked, get them to cover range fee and limit shooting to an hour… You can be nice and take a hit on the ammo.

If you’ve invited them, then it’s all on you.

I think the range fee sets a precedent and gets people thinking about the ammo costs, for when they ask again…

Unless its your friends, then everything is free. But that demographic typically insists on covering the range fees and I cover guns and ammo (in my case anyway).

My 2c.

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Yep i think @juststarting has it about right. If they’re mates or mates of mates then you just shout them. Oh and i reckon $100 for a range trip is either a super quickie or genuine 1990’s pricing lol

Going off factory prices…

Box of 9, 35?
Box of 357, 50
22 brick, 85

Plus whatever… And we are on solid $200

Haha, it’s like going out with different groups of friends to dinner. Some groups everyone chucks in whatever and teh leftovers are tips. Some groups its individual bills.

If I invite, I pay but that’s just me. If you invite me and you pay and I later find out it cost you $200 I will make sure I do something awesome for you. No homo.


I personally feel there’s no obligation to pay for anyone. They want to have a go it costs money. The end.

I’d insert a disclaimer into the offer: “you’re welcome to come have a shoot but it does usually cost me ‘XX’ for a morning at the range…”

Just an initial thought

I’d let them go nuts with the 22 buckmark or cz515. $7 a box of 50 no big deal.

A couple of mags of 9mm or 35 moonclips, just for the experience. That’s a cool thing to share.

A full comp of 48 big boy rounds? I think you need to pay for the ammo


This is a great approach with them only covering their range fee; I’ve used it plenty with friends, some have even had repeats sessions.

I find with my friends, when I take them, they’ll generally get me a slab, or treat me to dinner.

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