A Finn , a Swede and a Swiss go to a gun range

Went to Little River for the annual Anzac Day memorial shoot. A great day out. Said hello to no.1 mk3.
My Dad came down for a shoot as well. Gave him a soft shooting Swedish Mauser, I used my trusty Finnish M39.

I managed to win the classic rifle competition , 2nd year in a row. Also got a silver the year before. Was pretty happy with that. Proven to be a very accurate rifle.

Was pipped in the bayonet shoot with my K31 and had to settle for 2nd place.
Well run, friendly and fun event.


Congratulations, can’t beat a good old classic.

Wanna see what the K31 is capable of, have a look at this. 2240 yd (2050 mtr) open sight.

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I am surprised that he can see that far clearly.
Good effort.

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@Supaduke are you using factory? If not, what powder and bullets do you use for K31?

I do A2208 and whatever .308 pills I have. Currently and for foreseeable future, Nosler CC 168gr HPBT

Using PPU factory rounds in the K31 at the moment, building up some brass.
174gr FMJ.
Groups comfortably at 1-2 [email protected]
I have some Hornady 175gr match I’m going to try with some 2208.

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In 308?

Yes , .308, I could be mistaken on weight, 175ish. Can check tomorrow

G’day juststarting,
K31 and K11 load at the moment, nosler cc 168g over 43.0g of 2208 with Rem 9 1/2 primers. Both rifles shooting well at 300m with this load, Cheers.

It was always my belief that the Swiss was 7.5 x 55?

43gr of 2208 seems like a mild charge for this baby.

That’s it’s designation. The actual bullet diameter is .308

That’s exactly my components, by the way. What’s the POI at 100m like with the load and iron sight, e.g. any holdover, etc?

G’day juststarting,
6 o’clock hold at 100. It is not a heavy load, but pleasant to shoot. I have loaded the same pill with 49.0g of 2213SC for an average of 2500 fps in my rifle, which is close to GP11 specs, and my earlier load was the same nosler with 47.0g of AR2206 (original, not “H”) for 2600 fps.

oldAG, the designation is based on the bore diameter of the 1889 S-R rifle of 7.51mm (0.296) and Swiss GP11 ammo is actually .3065 in diameter but we can only get .308 which works fine. The groove diameter is also .306 to .3065. Cheers.

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