A bit of fun with a 303

Mate brought over his 1942 303 on the weekend so spent the arvo ringing an 8" gong at 200m…my idea of a fun arvo :grinning:

Even the missus got involved! :grinning:

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Best way to spend an arvo I can think of.
Your wife looks like she’s on her way to Afghanistan.

I’d keep away if I was you. She looks dangerous. :grinning:

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Did you ever get your new hat? Looks like the 303 has the original sights?

Now that’s what I call a good way too spend the day and looks like the perfect setting to set up in.

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Yep she’s got a thing for camo!! Funnily enough those pants are the genuine thing and have been worn by a friend in Afghanistan! :grinning:

@sungazer yep sure did but the bloody thing hangs a bit in front so I can’t get it back far enough to shoot sitting down and yep I believe the rifle is original. (I don’t know a lot about the various 303 variants but slowly learning :rofl:

I enjoy my front lawn :smiley::beers:

A bad day shooting is still better than a good day working! Looks like a British made rifle, round head safety? Both cack-handers also, a “matched set”! Very jealous of your front yard mate.

Yeah mate English build. Both the missus and I are a bit weird as we’re both natural righties but I was born blind in my right eye so learnt to shoot leftie and my wife can’t shut her left eye to sight when I first met her she’d lay right across the comb to use her left eye…so I taught her to shoot leftie as well. Now she’s actually able to hit shit!!! :rofl: :beers: