A&B renewal time

Oooo time flies. Licence renewal time. :expressionless: circa $281 for privilege to have fun. FML

Another interesting observations, for target shooting shooting*, one has to be a member of a club or SSAA. Which makes SSAA the cheapest practical option. @NationalShootingCouncil - just saying, you know…

Target shooting on its own at least in Victoria is a really bad idea though. Probably the same in other States but in some States you actually need it to shoot on a range. In Vic any class of licensed shooter can shoot at a range.

I vaguely remember discussing this ages ago, but you need sporting on your licence to do sport/target shooting on private land.

I reckon you’ll get away with ranging a rifle for hunting, but plinking would be out.

Edit: Found the OG photo I put up a while ago.

I have hunting as my reason, mostly stalking and target shooting as second reason.

I have hunting as my reason and target shooting.


I am actually a really bad shot and it takes me at least a few boxes of ammo to sight my gun in, last time it took a day. You know… But to the letter of the law, this is what you should have and this is what I have. Which is fine, but I would really prefer to use @ShootersUnion and/or @NationalShootingCouncil instead.

If you are up in QLD, you could use us. We’re working on it for NSW, SA and TAS too.

Well, I am not in QLD, I don’t date relatives, and the other two, well, I am not there lol

Part of the issue is, from what I gather, you don’t need club membership to get a licence in Victoria?

That is correct.

I looked up the regulations as to what counts as sport shooting on private property

It reads like it’s only considered sport shooting on private property if you have more than 5 people, and the session is longer than 3 hrs?

Maybe Sport/Target isn’t as useful after all.

Horses for courses.

Yes and no mate, to participate in “target” shooting in NSW you have to have target on your licence. You can attend and shoot at ranges, just not in any formal competition.

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I don’t recall the original thread somewhere here, but there was some talk about renewals in the past…

I received my renewal payment advice today, which I need to pay and then have a photo taken, effectively renewed. Rounding up, $281 in case anyone is interested, for VIC. For some reason, I feel like it was cheaper the first time.

The original thread talked about requirements and some tinfoil stuff. Anyway, that got me thinking, so I thought I’d post this process here. Perhaps people will find it interesting/useful.

Received letter and forms, that I am due for renewal. Letter included a very basic form, I am not crazy, I am not a criminal, etc. My firearms registration certificate and usual instructions.

  1. Look at the firearm certificate (sent to you) and confirm that everything is correct or correct by make notes on the certificate (I had a couple of corrections, wrong model names and what not).
  2. Provide evidence for genuine reason (nothing spectacular yet). In my case, a scan of couple of cards.
  3. Fill in the form, I am not crazy and not criminal. Sign.

You are done. I scanned everything (I use CamScanner app) and emailed it to LRD. That’s about it. Nothing interesting or exciting.

Sorry for the hijack @juststarting… is that pdf app free, or pay to buy/pay to use?