9mm Largo vs 38 super?

So 9mm Largo is 9x23 and 38 super is also 9x23, so does anyone know if i could buy the above and just load 38 super? Or at least fire form 38 super to suit?

From what I remember reading 38 super is much higher pressure than 9mm largo as is 9x23 winchester. Wheather or not you can use 38 super cases and reload to lower pressure I do not know. But it sounds like it comes with brass so problem solved! Also you can use 9x19 dies to reload 9mm largo. Good price too.

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So 38 super brass (easy to get) loaded with Trail Boss mifht be a good plan then.
I know that add has some brass included but these rifles come up from time to time and usually there isn’t any brass included.

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