.69 cal neck sizing die?

A bit out of the ordinary, but have any of you ever seen or heard of a .69 cal neck sizing die?
I will soon be picking up my greener police gun and will then start experimenting with converting some magtec 12ga brass into 12/14ga greener. I plan on loading it with Lee 7/8th oz Keydrive slugs for plinking I reckon, but making brass will be my first task.
They look like this foe anyone interested.


A brass shell with a slug for a bullet?

That is my plan yes

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I’m so aroused.

You’re not the only one

As with lots of things,I’ve looked into it lol.

You could make a neck sizer pretty easily if you were so inclined :grin:

@bentaz As it happens 0.69 = 11/16" well near enough
11/16" is 0.6875" Just need some all thread (7/8. - 14 ) and drill it out. And a bit of a hone.

Mmm on second thoughts that would be slug size, not brass size.


I have ordered this, im hoping that i can size the magtec brass down to 16ga and then fire form them to back to 12/14ga.
I’ll aneal the cases first, but im still not sure how theyre gunna hold up. I have a few boxes of magtec so its not a big deal if i destroy a few in the name of science.
I’d love to get a custom die made up one day, one day…

The new lee resizing die might take it.

Didn’t realise it’s Lee… Yeah, check the die. They have a new type that takes those rings, rather than a dedicated per calibre.

Have you got a link to them? I cant find anything

I also wonder how i might go trying to remold some plastic hulls.

Ok, sorry, my mistake. This is a shotgun press bushing, I was talking about this little guy:

Lee Precision’s new Breech Lock bushing-style bullet sizer die system - YouTube

Could it fit? No idea, but yeah, mybad, got confused between parts.

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My 16ga resizing ring has arrived.
The mouth of the magtec brass shell fits nicely into the rim rebate of the sizing ring, so thats a good start.
I need the advice of the fab daddy @MaxJon now.
I have a tiny hobby lathe and i want to hone out the 16ga ring a little bit at the base so the 12ga brass will enter it and i can resize it.
Do you think the load all sizing rings would of been hardened? Or should i be able to turn it out on the little lathe?

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This is my lathe.
I’ve only really mucked around with brass bar before.

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Nice handy little bugger. I only bought a bigger one because i want to fit rifle barrels up the spout. 40mm spindle bore is nice to have.

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Will a file touch it? Thats my usual hardness test…I got a piece of 3/4" inch turned a length of it to about 8mm diameter. Then hacksawed the end down lengthways to slot some emery paper to wrap around it. They make good hone/polishing tools, which may take out what you need, even if its a little hard. But depends how much you need to take out, you could be there a while. I will post pics of mine tomorrow.

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Thanks mate.
I basically just need to chamfer it a few mm to get the case to feed in.
Ill hit it with a file in the morning and see what it says.

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If a flie scatches a bit off, you could be lucky…Sounds like you just need a leade in so the brass guides in…

Thats it mate.

Its just a piece of 16mm rod turned down to 8mm with a hacksawed slot in the end to slot and wrap emry paper, or wet n dry into, so you can polish bore, or hole. I have poliished out .0002" out of a Lee bullet sizing die with it. Took a bit, but got me out of trouble.

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