60 legal wins in 2021 alone for Shooters Union

SHOOTERS UNION has assisted more than 100 members with firearms issues since January this year alone thanks to legal action supported by Shooters Union and our Legal Defence Fund.

Of the more than 100 members who contacted us asking for help, we directed 80 of them to one of our gun-friendly lawyers for a free consultation, and 60 of those members then decided to pursue their matter further.

The lawyers representing our members for the matters advise us that every single Shooters Union member who pursued their case via our support programme to date has won.

In every case, Weapons Licensing withdrew their opposition and the licence or permit was issued, renewed or returned, and in many cases, the situation was sorted out without the member even needing to file an official QCAT action – our lawyers were able to sort the matter out with WLB in our member’s favour before that.

There’s more: On top of those successful outcomes this year already, there are another approximately 20 cases currently in the QCAT pipeline involving SU members and we are confident of further positive outcomes as they are resolved too.

The successful situations cover everything from licence rejections on “fit and proper person” grounds to primary producers denied renewals due to ‘not earning enough’ or ‘not needing a handgun for work’, and a range of other assorted reasons – all of which were withdrawn when our legal team got involved.

Our offer for Shooters Union members is simple: If you are a member and have a licence or PTA rejected, suspended or revoked, we will provide you with a free consultation with an experienced firearms lawyer to discuss the matter. If the lawyer believes you have a case, Shooters Union will pay your QCAT filing fees.

More than 100 people this year alone – in other words, more than one a week - have taken us up on this offer and so far, every single one of them who has pursued their case has won.

We are incredibly proud of this result and thankful for the expert lawyers who have helped our members with these outcomes, and for everyone who has made it possible via donations to our Legal Defence Fund.

If you would like to support our work fighting to support shooters, why not consider a donation to our Legal Defence Fund? 100% of money donated to fund is used to support things such as QCAT cases and appeals – none of it goes to admin or promotional costs.

We’re passionate about fighting on behalf of all law-abiding shooters and supporting our members in Civil Administration Tribunals is just one of the countless ways we do that!


This is so motivating. And I am a pretty doom and gloom kind of guy when it comes to our laws, so this is saying a lot, at least for me.

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Good work guys, love your work!

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Great work. Well worth the membership fee. :+1::+1::beers::beers:

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60% is good going. Well done and keep at it! :nerd_face::+1:

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That’s the plan! :slight_smile: