6.5x52 Carcano: starting load for ADI AR2208 (Varget)

Starting load for 6.5x52 Carcano, using ADI AR2208 (Varget)… Anyone? Looking at you @no1mk3

Please :slight_smile:

Could you use some of the data for 6.5*47 Lapua ,6.5 manbuns they are 6.5 *51 tone them down for the older actions ect.

I don’t use 2208 in the Carcano anymore, my current load is for 160g projectiles and AR2206H at 27.0g which is also ADI’s starting load for the Carcano. My 2208 start load with 160g was 29.0 with pressure signs coming in at 33.4. I would consider 32.0g to be a MAXIMUM for 2208. Cheers

PS: I USE WIN LR MAGNUM PRIMERS ONLY FOR AR2208. Make your choices from that.
Norma load their 156g Vulkan with MRP (an appx = to AR2213SC) starting at 38.0, and the Hornady SP 140g at 39.0g of MRP Cheers.

Thank you, muchly. Although, it’s about time I gave 2206H a try.

2206h is my go to powder now for most things.

2206H goes great in my 22- 250

You might find that you dont get very good case fill though. It really does help to get consistent MV