6.5 Creedmoor Loads

G’day fellas.
Anyone loading the Hornady 143gn ELDX in their Creedmoor? The ADI loaf tables only go to 142gn projectiles.

Typically, specific load data question/answers would be deleted, for obvious reloading safety considerations.

All, just a quick reminder, loads are unique. What works in one gun may blow apart a different gun.

Given that @cavok has no load data, if someone wants to share a starting load, do so based on fact, not fiction. Did you shoot it, did you see it in the manual yourself? No, then don’t post.

If someone choses to share load data, please make sure it’s within a starting load, well within the limits or copy of a reloading book section.

User choosing to use this load, does so knowing that it may blow up their gun and all that.

@CAVOK I’ll check Hornady manual when I get home.

Thanks mate, not chasing a specific load as such, just wanting to know if anyone using 143gn projectiles in their Creedmoor.
I guess the topic name is a little misleading.

Ive got some loaded up but haven’t shot them at a target as yet. I used 2209 and the starting load for the 142 grn. I have them seated in two seating depths for trialing with one seated about 20 thou back and the other about 40 thou back. Being a VLD shape they should like quite a large jump.
I think that this weight of projectile is the upper extreme of projectiles that will give good results with the 120-130 grn range being the sweet spot.

Yeah thanks mate, that’s what I was after. I have some 123gn SST to try and some Speer 140gnSp, was thinking about trying the 143gn ELD X. Just wanted to see if using the listed starting loads for the 142gn would be safe enough.

Load data from the 10th Hornady manual.

Legend thanks mate.

Thanks mate. Appreciate it.

@CAVOK. Use the ADI chart linked above and cross reference with the Hornady chart posted previously to find the eqivalent powder to use. As always, start at the minimum listed and carefully work up a load while watching carefully for any pressure signs.

Okay, bit late to the party but here goes.
I own and shoot a 6.5 Creedmoor. I use it for metallic silhouette. I use the 140gr ELD- match for the 500m rams.
The load I use is 41gr of 2209, this is a good working load in my rifle. It shows no signs of pressure and I have found it to be accurate in my rifle. It will put 5 shots into less than 3 inches @ 500m from the bench when sighting in, well and truly good enough for my purposes.
@CAVOK, to answer your question specifically, yes the starting loads for 142gr bullets would be okay for the 143gr ones. As you notice in the above extract from the Hornady manual, they are grouped with the 140gr bullets. You will find that they will all have very similar bearing surface data. The ELD-X is just the hunting, ( designed to expand ) version.