.50 cal ish household bore guides

Yes yes you can laugh, turns out i don’t have anything to fit my shiny new gun, i tried a chopped .303 case but it ate it for tea, i ended up putting a patch and mop down just being real careful, any suggestions fellas? It’ll be a " why didn’t i think of that " moment!

Maybe steal a 577-450 case from JS.

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I’ve got bretts .50 bmg at work but can’t bring myself to cut it haha! @juststarting please :sob:

Maybe you can’t! But if you’re stuck after Bunnings, then you can.

Go to Bunnings and buy a pack of nosles for silicon/sealer thing. Cut to size. Bang, done.

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Or, PVC pipe… I did that (nosle) for my 44, because nothing else worked.

See, your a bloody genius! Will hit bunnings up tomorrow :sunglasses:

Bunnings need to start selling components, maybe in plumbing section or something. Then I’d pitch a tent and live there. Sausages, soft drinks, reloading components, BBQs, tools and a bathroom. Ticks all the boxes, really.


Awwwww, shaks.

What sort of gun is it? Lever, Bolt?? I’ve cut the base off a shell then soldered some brass tube to make a bore guide for some rifles. The DT’s I don’t worry cause I just take the barrel out, others I either have custom Possum Hollow guides or use a generic 1 size fits all. Keep in mind that most bore guides are just to prevent solvents / oil entering the trigger. Get a sheet of plastic like they use to have on shirt boxes and roll it into a tube then tape it. More then one way to achieve the same result :slight_smile:

Its a break action @Brett, and being a .500 is pretty much just a straight tube, was more concerned about the rod touching the sides of chamber/barrel, thats a big deal right? :thinking:

Not really…go to Jaycar / Bunnings and buy some heat shrink and cover your rod (cleaning one that it). You fire copper clad lead slugs and speeds greater then sound with temperatures in excess of 2500c so I wouldn’t be overly worried about what little damage a cleaning rod might do. As previously mentioned I think by sungazer is to ensure the jag diameter is a fraction smaller then the rod. This will prevent the jag clipping the rifling at the crown when dragged back, alternatively unscrew it before withdrawing the rod.

…or just be careful.

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Or use a nylon brush as a jag. Just wrap your patch sround it.

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