.452 heavy weight cast boolits.

Hello bullet casters.
I dont even cast yet, but I know what I want, and thats a very heavy (325gn+) cast boolit measuring .451/.452, with a hollow point. I want to fire a subsonic projectile as heavy as possible out of my 450 Bushmaster and have it open and mushroom as well as it can travelling at ~1050fps.
Ive only had a cursory look around CBE and Lyman sites, but thought Id ask here in case it makes more sense to buy some cast .458 hollow points and size them down.

How the hell you size those things down anyway, that’s weird man. And whats with all that red jizz? Why is it needed and do you still use it if you coat the bullet like FortuneCookie45LC?

Please help me before I explode my gun in my face.

Sizing them is easy, what you need is one of these or a similar brand…
Bullet Sizing Kit .452 - Lee Precision

That is lube, it helps stop leading in your barrel.

No you don’t need lube if you are powder coating or coating with Hitek coating. They cover the lead and reduced the leading in your barrel to practically nothing.

I personally use the Hitek coating and it is a good old Australian invented and made product which works very well, so good the yanks even buy it lol.

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What if for example I bought some coated cast bullets from Spartan or HRBC ( I believe they use the Hy Tek coating).

What would be the process for sizing them down from .458 to .452?

You should be right to use the same kit that I put the link up for.
it might need a little more effort on the press handle but it won’t be too excessive.

When you cast you normally coat them then size them afterwards.

Can’t you get .452 cast from them?

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Yes, you can get cast .452 from them but Im looking for really heavy stuff that would normally be 458. Thanks for the help mate, I really appreciate it.

The idea is to plug critters with the heaviest possible subsonic load and do it nicely.

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How heavy do you want to go? 325+

Yeah, 400gn doing ~1050fps gives us the magic 1000ft/lbs. 40ft/lbs penetrates a human skull so…you know there’s a lot of calculating and reading and bullshit too but living in Darwin is simple: bring enough gun.


Have a look here…

458 cal (castbulletengineering.com.au)

They have a very nice gas checked 730 gr that would do some damage lol.
They also have a paper patched .451 @ 480gr. I am not 100% sure but that should fit nicely and you should not have to paper patch them. These are molds but shows you what’s there.

Can I just ask: What’s with calling them “Boolits”? I see the Americans doing it to and it grates on me something spectacular. What’s wrong with “Bullets” or “Projectiles”?

Boolits refers to cast/diy bullets. I’m with you though, but that’s the meaning…


Well there you go…i had no idea either, who woulda thunked it but OGL is a place of learning fings & stuff.


Cowboys say “boolits”, and cowboys didnt shoot jacketed bullets. Its an homage to an earlier timeline. A man by the fire under the stars, the civil war paused in the dark. Wounds tended, horses fed and watered, casting roundballs in the moonlight…or something.
images - 2021-02-21T133516.531

Think of people who say “y’all” and “howdy”.

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So basically like a Friday night in the Territory :innocent:

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Cant help you sorry, the .452 SWC, and RN I make top out at 240gn, with the most common demand 200gn for 45ACP.