45 Colt Rifle Data.....

Just noticed the ADI site has no rifle load data for this Colt classic…I know its predominantly a pistol cartridge, but with more and more rifles being made for it…

Not even in the single action section?

Ahh didnt check that…got plenty of cast data in the Lyman cast manual…all I need really. The Rifle will never see a jacketed bullet anyhow…Just seemed strange with the amount of Colt rifles about

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They tend not to publish any more than “safe” pistol loads, just in case someone finds “rifle” data and uses it to blow up their pistol ( and hand ) with it.
Single action section is basically low pressure loads for rifles.
I’d have to go out to the gun room to see what I loaded for it, but it’s pissing down rain and I don’t wanna get wet. :grin:

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ADI aren’t making pistol ammo (except Trailboss) anymore so it’s a moot point anyway, sadly. Alliant (the only other pistol powders available in Australia in useful quantities) have revolver loads for .45LC which would work in a modern lever-action rifle.

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My Lyman Black powder manual has lots of BP loads for the colt…as it was originally a BP cartridge…looks like I might need some FFg